Andalas Energy Huge DISCOUNTED PLACING AT 0.05-0.06!

News has reached guerrilla investing that a Huge Discounted Placing is now underway by the shysters at Andalas Energy (LON: ADL). Bucket shops are a buzz spinning and flipping out the latest ‘jackanory’ to the gullible retail investor. Sucker lists are being dusted off and Suckers are being enticed and befuddled. I’ve warned many times on this POS and each and every time this site, along with others, has been proven correct. The Company are an utter disgrace. The placing price being touted around is 0.06p. That represents a 40% discount on 0.010p which would need an 80% rise to get back where it was pre Placing. This company are a pump & dump nightmare.

If you’re holding this stock you’re about too, as I said in the Jekyll & Hyde video, which can be viewed below, GET SHAFTED!!! Take yet another one for Team Whitby, they’ve creamed it in and told so many lies that Billy Liar looks like a man of truth!!!

I had a good giggle at their latest RNS ON ‘Tuba Obi East’ (“TOE”) You’ll all recall that these piss poor ARSetts were used to raise millions. Now ADL cant progress them they’ve had to give them BACK to Pertamina.

The latest spin story, obviously being touted to the gullible, to raise cash, is ‘Wellhead IPP project development’. How many times have the goalposts been moved here?  Each and every time the begging bowl is passed around. The company are a Piece of Shit. Run by corporate shysters. Stay well away!

Another giggle is the ‘Traveling with Simon’ Blog. This was trumpeted out last year. ‘Simong’ is keeping a blog on the ADL website, of all his traveling. Problem is it’s not been updated or referred to since the day it was launched. He doesn’t seem to have travelled anywhere, except to his bank to check ADL fees LOL!

What wheeze next will the shysters come up with? How about; Dave Whitby decides to return all the cash rinsed out of THE COMPANY PARTICULARLY THE $500,000 That he and Simong rinsed out via Corsair Petroleum!

Remember PLACING CALLED 0.06p Get the *”*”* out!

Or as Bruce Willis/Vin Diesel’ look alike Daniel Levi would say; ‘Run like fook and don’t look back!’




Bruce Willis/Vin Diesel LOL!!!!



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  1. Steve says:

    I can’t believe people actually are so dumb The writing was on the wall for ages. The company are bent