The Runcorn Troll, ‘NO SHOW’ Doc Holiday a.k.a Michael Whitlow Crumbles!

It’s a funny old world isn’t it? I was going through my spam on Friday, my WhiteCollar Law emails seemed to have disappeared. Imagine my surprise when I came across an email (see below) from the well known Runcorn Troll, Mike Whitlow a.k.a Doc Holiday. Which the online troll sent on Wednesday last week.

Now I have ‘Shitlow’ on block on twitter, email (Hence why it’s in the spam) and by phone. My spam automatically empties every 30 days. I rarely go there. Which leads me to believe that this probably isn’t the first time he’s tried to contact me via email. I also, like most sensible people, do not answer anonymous calls. I immediately emailed and phoned Whitlow and gave him a verbal lashing. He was told to meet me on King Street Carpark in Knutsford at ‘High Noon’ (that’s 12 o’clock for those who don’t watch westerns) the next day, Saturday. For a man to man ‘straightener’. What followed next was a plethora of emails and anonymous calls (Not answered) demanding I speak to him. He was told in crystal clear terms that should he show up he would be rolling around the ground with me within seconds of his arrival. End of, no more communication just show up. I don’t mind people gobbing off to me but send  emails telling me ‘I know where you live’ tends to focus my mind rather sharply, especially being the father of two young children. A line was crossed.

Whitlow styles himself on the famous gun-slinger Doc Holiday, sadly the reality is about as far away as one can get. It isn’t chalk & cheese it’s actually honey and horse shit and as most of you know this buffoon talks horse shit on a grand scale… As with all online trolls they seem to believe they are superior and the world revolves around them, indeed it hinges on their every word. We here in the Northern lands have a saying; ”A Legend in his own mind’. The self-styled gun totting pump & dumping halfwit has been exposed  more times than a flasher and like a ‘flasher’ can’t control his ‘urges’. Last year Whitlow was banned from twitter for trolling. Complaints were also made to the Police by one chap who was attacked in a most disgraceful way. That man recently recovered from a stem cell stroke. The Runcorn troll has a history of posting vile, sexually disgusting, tweets, lies and some of the most disgusting emails I’ve ever had the misfortune to read to USOP shareholders. This is a man, for want of a better word, who seems to think he has ‘carte blanche’ to threaten without any consequences. That delusion was shattered on Saturday 18th March.

Can you spot the Runcorn Troll?

His whole life revolves around  promoting piss poor failed micro-cap companies that can be easily manipulated online via multipule BB accounts and platforms such as twitter, voxmarkets and a couple of obscure shite blogs so low down on the super information highway that they don’t have a google ranking. His mendacity is well known. His writing skills are atrocious which is why he uses podcasts.

Apparently I am “Old, spineless, scared to meet in person and JP’s Bitch. A coward”. Why he’s dragging James Parsons the CEO of Sound Energy and Chairman of Independent Resources into this remains a mystery. Is there some thing you’re not telling people Whitlow? Speak up! Well actually I’m quite a nice guy, super fit and fearless. I fear no one. I don’t say that with ego, it’s just the way the cards of my life were dealt and the person I became. I like to consider myself a ‘man’ now on the right path surrounded by mainly good people, trying to right his life after making bad choices that lead to 16 yrs in jail. My life is well documented, it’s nothing to be proud of.  However my debt to society is paid in full. I tell it as it is. Whitlow is a paid pump and dumper and a vicious cowardly internet troll.

I’ve learnt that if you roll around with a pig (troll) you get covered in shit(low). Which is why I ignore this troll.  However implied threats to my home where my children live are taken very seriously. Especially when the prick in question has a shotgun. I bring matters such as this to a swift conclusion.

I got to the King Street Carpark at 11.40am. I emailed the Runcorn Troll and told him I awaited his arrival. See emails below. Yet again my phone was peppered with anonymous calls. Bizarre emails were coming in thick and fast. ‘You have to pick up the phone’. ‘I’ll be there in 15 minutes, just pick up the phone’. ‘I’m painting’ said one with a pic of a paint pot. We can have ‘coffee and a sandwich’ said another. ‘I’ll meet you at the leisure centre’. ‘You think you’re hard’ ‘etc. etc. etc. Of course the prevarications by the Runcorn Troll were many, a woeful attempt to ‘Save Face’. My favourite one is ‘You’re a bully’ bearing in mind that this spineless amoeba has been trolling, tweeting and emailing me on and of for the last 2 years I can only come to the conclusion that he is so far away with the fairies that he actually has mental health issues. I left Knutsford’s King Street carpark at 12.45pm.

The realisation that he had been measured, weighed and found wanting when Daniel Levi called him out will be eating into him like a parasitic worm. As you and me and now everyone who reads this knows; Your Arse Fell Out Whitlow… You are quite literally a shithouse troll exposed once again for ALL to see. The only thing you did right was as I told you. “You did  right not to show up”




On 15 Mar 2017, at 14:54, Doc.h <> wrote:
> Dave
> Rather than slate me why not meet me in person? I find it really hard to accept that a principled yet proud guy is spineless and scared to meet in person?
> You’ve spent a long time linking me to absolute lies… I get it, your old and angry and believe Your Own rubbish.
> Once and for all let’s put it to bed? Your Jps bitch, we know that. It’s about time you behaved that way!
> I’m happy and Willing?
> Nobody likes a keyboard warrior
> Love
> Doc


Mar 17 (4 days ago)

to me
You blocked Messages from this address will be marked as Spam.  Learn more
Best number?
Or are you hiding that?
Dan I know the house you reside just as you know mine. Let’s not fool about
Be straight and let’s have no more jibba Jabba, it’s poor

On 18 Mar 2017 11:42 am, “Brokerman Dan” <> wrote:

Awaiting your arrival Gobshite.

Sent from my iPhone

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7 Responses

  1. Aimtrade says:

    Daniel San

    Just what I’d have done myself. This guy is a spineless creature. Fancy threatening he “knew were you lived. “. I’m like you threaten my family and it’s dealt with pronto.

    Congrats on advfn award.

    Any news on Sula?

  2. Toshlines says:

    Sad reflection on todays society internet trolls a symptom of sick minds. Jealousy, envy, greed an spite= Troll

    You’re becoming quite a big noise BMD, it comes with the fame. Thanks for the SDX information.

  3. Fc Knutsford says:

    He’s a scouser dan. They used to escort scouse scum out of knutsford in the 70,s. For good reason we can’t understand em . Bag of piss an wind one really sick dick

  4. Stevio says:

    Great read. How to bust a Troll. Fronted and as you say crumbled like a cookie. Painting

  5. Jones says:

    Enjoyed reading this but think you should have ignored the prick. He’s a well known troll. Some of the abuse emailed to USOP shareholders was vomit churning. A nasty individual who lives in a dream world where he thinks he’s “superior ‘ Agree with maggot. A right prick

  6. Terry2toes says:

    I blocked this dick. Long time ago.

    One of many known pumpers. Prolbem is he that dumb he thinks people listen to his grunge. Most buzz off him. Mans a nobhead

  7. Maggot says:

    Do Holiday??? Fat bald scouser Deluded and just plain dumb.