ADVFN Jekyll & Hyde Huge update on the way Independent Resources A.K.A Sound II

J-H-640x390-01-17What a day it’s been for the Jekyll & Hyde Newsletter…. A stonking 665% rise on Independent Resources (LON: IRG) And let me tell you this… There’s more news ‘privileged info’ on the way via the J&H newsletter. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

We both know our onions. Currently virtually every share tipped by Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are in the money in one way or another whether that be by share-price rises or by dividends…

I’ve personally be on the trail of todays breaking news for quite some time, as those who are in regular contact with me through email, mobile, text, twitter and this site, or in one way or another will attest too… One of my close associates made £44,000 today on Independent Resources. The lunch is on her  🙂 Now that’s how to do it!

Don’t be a sap. Sign up it’s only a £5 note per month and get the ‘Breaking News’ on all our tips. #IRG Cracking Information Update on J&H this week. SIGN UP HERE


Mr Hyde.

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