Zenith Energy Update. 600 bopd soon?

1_12HOjEVCDH9oik_bMObYnAIt’s looking mighty good on London listed Zenith Energy (LON: ZEN). Two days ago Mr Zen (CEO Cattaneo) reported a jump in revenue for its third quarter as it began production from Azerbaijan. The numbers give a flavour of the massive potential and a pointer. Net Cash revenue for the third quarter jumped to circa $350,000. Extrapolating that forward 9 months comes in at a whooping $1,400,000 of cold hard cash. However this  figure is likely to be significantly more, if as my sources are indicating, bopd doubles/trebles/quadruples.  Ergo you can multiply that cash figure up to a potential of $5,000,000+ dependent on how high their bopd goes.The Famous BMD smallcap oil & gas round up!

Which is why the Lenigas/Optiva Crew, Operating out of Jermyn St, are STILL actively agitating through their various ZEN interests, held by Gunsynd (LON: GUN), Optiva (Bucket Shop Shysters) and another Lenigas company, for ‘Board Involvement/Hostile Takeover’. They are after the cash and massive bopd potential. No doubt to do what these fuckers always do and that is rape the finances, place, rinse, repeat and filter the cash out via dubious incestuous deals with ALL the Lenigas puppet companies. Fuck Off  you fat Aussie Share Ramper and stay away from this super gem of a company. Be gone fat one!

Share Price.

The brake on the SP at the moment comes from their Canadian placing at $7 Cents. Once most of these have sold out and certain warrants are exercised then there’s no brake, other than the usual profit taking/trading. The trend in value should be accretive with upward movement towards 20p.


You can always tell when a company is on the up when the Corporates/Brokers are offering their services. London sources are telling me that several brokers are choking on their tongues trying to get a slice of the Zen pie. One brokerage in particular is due to go out on a site visit in the not too distant future…

If you look at the pre-tax loss of circa £985,000 in the third quarter of 2016, a quick check of where a large portion of this has come from are “One off payments”. Much of this is down to their IPO costs. The next “quartile” will add significant revenue and production. So says my analyst/s contact.


The smallcap round up!Zenith listed in London in January, raising GBP3.2 million. A month later, it sold its assets in Argentina to strengthen its balance sheet, and began a work over project at its Azerbaijan operations. Zenith are targeting 15-20 well work overs by the end of 2017. Each well could add, as an average, up to 50 bopd per well, some may produce more some may produce less. The 1,000 barrel of oil a day target is well within reach. My information on the present work is that the Q4 update could announce a doubling of production  up to 600bopd.  It is known that the Company are very confident on the work overs. From what I can gather no downtime on site other than the usual challenging weather which is part and parcel for this region.


It’s all to play for here, not least the ‘Takeover’ machinations…..






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