The Ascent Of Ascent. 2017 Will be Their Year.

Ascent_LogoAscent Resources (LON: AST) as most genuine objective investors/traders know we here do not constantly pump out utter shite on an hourly basis. We watch, listen, research and get to know what is going on vis-à-vis the company’s we blog on or target. It can take weeks or months to form an opinion that’s because most genuine information isn’t in the retail domain, it’s hidden from view in the Corporate World. Not for the eyes of Retail Investors.

(Hence why when we recently exposed Mkango Resources as a busted financial flush with a history of telling whoppers to our Canadian retail investor cousins, about their piss poor paper licences and their true dire financial postion, we were proved 100% correct. MKA and their shyster advisors ‘Dubious’ Dzubinski  told so many lies it was only a matter of time before financial gravity struck.  They placed after 6 months NOT 18 months which is what every man, jack and idiot were spoon fed and greedily swallowed said turd. The red faces are there for all to see and most objective investors know BMD was spot on. Mkango, Dawes, JubCapital and the hoards of P&ders  have been strung up for all to see as PROVEN LIARS. Which is why you should stay well away from company’s that lie to their shareholders. In another 12 weeks they’ll be after yet more cash).

Not so Ascent Resources. I was negative on them for quite a long time particularly because of the legal shenanigans and the known market abuser, Christopher Potts, who had a position. Potts made a fortune from news of a proposed Cadogan takeover, one that never came to fruition.

Not so know. Lot of rumours swirling around from my sources that their Slovenian gas asset/s could contain substantially more gas than first thought. The commercial supply of the gas to Croatia in early 2017 and rumours of yet several potential game changers coming to the fore in Q1 2017 finally convinced me that Ascent are  a turnaround play. I can’t report those rumours until they are firmed up’.  However I can confirm that my research/sources are more reliable than most. 99% that there’s truth to them.

The present board are starting to get it right and are making all the right noises with the right moves. CEO Colin Hutchison has been in negotiations several times in 2016 on value accretive deals. That is 100% correct. Don’t be surprised if there’s some form of ‘input’ upon AST by Henderson Global. There’s major news in the proverbial pipeline for 2017.


Eyes on. Hold for the news.





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