2016 Full Frontal Assault!

imagesI4UW9YXD2015 was a year of change for me personally, from being outside of the corporate tent pissing in I managed to get inside the tent and stopped those within it from pissing out. The team negotiated down millions of dollars worth of debt and managed to bring a revival in the SP with new finance and an asset deal that only needed signing off. I enlisted the help of many good CEO’s three in particular deserve a mention in dispatches. These men gave me advice and their valuable time without ever asking for one single penny piece or receiving any money whatsoever. They did it because they are decent honest men and knew the importance of aligning a company with shareholder value. So in 2016 I’d like to personally thank James Parsons (SOU) (who actually spent his own money on conference rooms, lunches, advice and introductions) and Matt Lofgran (NTOG) who must have spent hundreds of pounds on international calls. Although Matt has now been somewhat swayed into the arms of the Pump & Dumpers, he is a man of integrity.  Lastly but not least Clem Chambers (ADVFN) who paid for his own flights, accommodation, meetings/lunches etc. In the USA and was instrumental in negotiating down $4,500,000 of bank debt.

Regardless of the shite that was fed by Sefton to the likes of Winnifrith (who by the way was offered a directorship in Sefton by me at the time we were organising) ShareProphets and LSE Trolls, (One Troll in particular was being lined up for a directorship by the now disgraced former management) to smear the requistioners, Clem with Mike Hodges have now once again taken up the Sefton cudgels on behalf of all shareholders, fighting to save the company and saved it was.

The Nomad, who was owed a huge sum of money, which was paid in full, told me post the lifting of the Bank of the West debt that  “Quite frankly Dan no one gave you any chance of doing what the previous management couldn’t”.  A previous management, some of whom, had been taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, expenses and shares. Of course I’m referring to Sefton Resources. Now delisted and being re-structured. The moment myself and Clem Chambers departed leaving the company fully financed and in a position to deliver was the beginning of a return of those who had been fleecing shareholders for years. The now ousted board  (Tom Milne being the exception) and departed employees, couldn’t give a flying fuck about their shareholders. What I discovered and always knew which was completely vindicated, was that the vast majority of AIM corporates have no regard whatsoever for their shareholders. It is on that basis that I am of the opinion that direct shareholder actions are the only way to influence these ‘corporate bastards’

Full Frontal Assault.At present we have several ‘Actions’ ongoing behind the scenes. Funds are being put in place for full frontal assaults on these ‘several’ AIM resource companies. More of which will no doubt become apparent over the coming months.

So the gist of this article is to make investors/traders aware that if you want to have any impact or influence on the companies you trade and invest in then you have to get out of your google/twitter/chatroom bubble. Change can be effected the secret is a union of shareholders. 2016 will be a year of fireworks.

It’s going to get real dirty



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