Sound Oil The Swiss are coming!

More gas on the way. More cash on the way!

More gas on the way. More cash on the way!

For all those familiar with the Sound Oil story here’s a quick update.

There’s a Swiss clock ticking over at Sound Oil (LON: SOU) Hot off the press and following on from the James Parsons & Director Luca Madeddu UK private investor share-holder get together, after their successful presentation at the 67th Oil Barrel, news is coming through on BMD’s black telephone that there’s a secret, yes secret, private international investor presentation in the pipeline (at the request of an Institution) to be held some where in Europe. It’s all very ‘hush, hush’. So keep it quiet. We don’t want questions raised such as? ‘Why are international investors desperate to get there Swiss franc into Sound Oil just before a potential official farm-in RNS? Do we?

These are not UK investors these are Swiss by birth. Are they private Bankers, Chocolatiers’ or makers of Swiss army knives? We don’t know, but what we do know is that It would seem this could be tied to an impending big news release on a potential International Oil Company farming-in to the huge exploration play that is Badile. This farm-in could be a Company Maker and when announced will push Sound oil stock like a juggernaut

The early bird catches a Swiss Roll….



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