John James Ellerton. Stay Away From Sefton Resources!

The highly respected financial journalist Mr Thomas Winnifrith has fired a warning salvo over the head of the disgraced former Executive Chairman of Sefton Resources James ‘fingers’ Ellerton today. Let there be no doubt we will not allow the Return of Ellerton, which would be the final nail in the Sefton coffin.

Should the fraud & liar Ellerton attempt to gain control of Sefton Resources through the back door then I will with ‘others’ personally take a sizeable interest in the Company & requisition an EGM. It is high time that some one stood up for UK share-holders against the likes of the corporate fraudster Ellerton.

In little over 12 days myself & Tom Winnifrith will be free from a Tomlin agreement which prevented us from speaking out on exactly what has and did go on involving the Ellerton libel & frauds. Note the word ‘fraud’ is plural. Furthermore a word of caution to Ellerton. Justice has still to catch up with you for fraud. If we have TO FORCE CHANGE at Sefton we will invite in the Serious Fraud Squad which will lead to your arrest.

The present Directors should be allowed without encumbrance to carry on their attempted rescue to which I now give my full support. I am a share-holder and as such I will move, if needs be, to protect my (& all UK share-holders’) interests.


Daniel Levi

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  1. redmakka says:

    Well done Dan. Sort this crook out.