Greece. Let them BURN!

Witch burning day
Papandreou burn him at the stake!

It’s been another bloodbath yet again today as world markets reacted angrily to Greek obfuscation. Just what in the name of God are we doing wasting our hard-earned money bailing out the failed Greek state?  After months of uncertainty last week looked as though a partial solution had finally been agreed. Now Greece’s Prime Minister, George Papandreou has dealt a body blow and stunned Europe’s leaders by proposing a referendum on the landmark European debt deal reached last week! The Greek seismic shock wave IS PROOF POSITIVE THAT GREECE IS DEAD IN THE WATER. Politically and economically.

Greek politicians have proven time and again that they are INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED when it comes to economics. Incapable and untrustworthy Individually and collectively. They couldn’t as the saying goes “Run a piss up in a Brewery”

Europe should have grasped this nettle last year and allowed Greece to default. It would have been far better for the world economy. Instead Greece has become a running open sore that threatens to infect the whole of Europe bringing with it a debt plague. There’s only one sure solution to eradicating the plague as evidenced by the great fire  of London. European leaders should strike the match and toss it on the rotten Greek carcass. Purification by fire. Greece should BURN!



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  1. dazzzyc says:

    absolutely correct, the greek default is coming one way or another, its time to draw a line, take the hit and the pain and then chart our way forward, we are letting greece dictate to the global markets how and when it calls it a day and returns to the drachma……cut loose and move on is the only way forward!

  2. Kalpesh says:

    May be papadreou is a very calculated gambler. Greece citizens know and he knows the country better than us. If his gamble pulls of Greece will vote yes otherwise it’s to third world country status for Greece. After the vote there will be no excuse for the riots and opposition for more austerity.
    The Greeks do not want to leave the gravy train. The European politicians should also make clear to the Greek public take it or leave the euro.


  3. jason says:


    Totally agree….they need to be cut loose and allowed to try and carry on themselves otherwise the Franco-German alliance threathens to bring most of southern Europe down as well by trying to prop up failing systems. It would be a good warning shot across the bow for Italy and Spain too.

  4. Elton59 says:

    When Archduke Ferdinand was shot in JUne 1914, the result was meltdown and war in Europe. What the Greeks did yesterday is no different and the result may even be similar. What depresses me is that in nearly a hundred very turbulent years, we have learnt nothing! I despair………….

  5. Joyce says:

    George P. is either power mad ie thinks he can dictate to the world ;selfish beyond all reason ie determind to continue to be P.M.of Greece ; knows some thing the rest of do not know; or is Barking MAD. Take your pick, iknow what I would choose.

  6. Brigantes says:

    Dumb greeks are screwing up my portfolio.I will be not be buying any greek products ,holidays etc let them rot.