Nostra Terra RNS Alert. General Release.

Members Only Post. Not for general release. NOW ON GENERAL RELEASE; edited version.

Isn’t the news taking it’s time over at Nostra Terra Oil & gas? What could be the hold up?

As you all know we’ve been an avid follower of the company  due to the amount of BMD Members invested. Remember Nostra are debt free & beginning the long painful road to meaningful production through low risk USA based asset acquisitions using new/enhanced recovery techniques.

The very latest news reaching our ears this week has now been filtered, cross-referenced & confirmed as the most likely scenario to fill the news next week.

Both Bale Creek wells are thought to be still under-going further testing/logging/fracing. So what’s the hold-up, they’ve both swabbed for oil.  It’s 99% certain that both wells have been on some form of test production. Oil is rumoured to have been swabbed/produced. How much oil they’ve produced or are or are not producing is any ones guess. BOPD figures can’t be quantified with a pair of Binoculars. But the news from the City is to expect some thing next week. Our best guesstimate is Tuesday/Wednesday as to what the news could be then one only has to look at the Nostra web-site their assets/acquisitions page is “under construction”

You would have thought that an RNS would have been released, but no NTOG are as tight-lipped as ever. There’s more chance of a Sicilian Mafia Don talking to us. Still we don’t rely on companies to give us the heads up we go out & source it ourselves.

The worlds favourite financial one man band; oops two-man; oops two-man one woman site! (Girl actually) now brings you an analysis of where NTOG are.

There’s news rumoured to be about to break on a new Oklahoma asset which could explain why the company are holding back on a Bale Creek update. It could also be that the drilling workload has increased. Site activity indicates this.

Could be that there’s an RNS in the pipeline for Tuesday or Wednesday almost certainly news next week! There’s an alert on. So news is almost certain.

I spoke to Lothbury Financial services TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. Might as well have randomly dialled seven digits for all the good it done.




NB. You get some great news from us for a fiver a month. I may have to put the price up! By the way That’s a joke!


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