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  1. James Allen says:

    Not looking good judging by the fact the share price has dropped 38%!

  2. Shibari says:

    no password?

  3. stuart says:

    what more can they say…they are useless

  4. Runner Bubbsy says:

    Dan – you may wish to read the RNS and review the subsequent 37% tank in share price …

  5. danny says:

    Do you really think you have any credibilty remaining ? Why on earth would anybody listen to anything you have to say ?

  6. BoLtBlUe says:

    “Update on the way! Speaking to company this afternoon!”

    Seriously? We had the update this morning….not very good was it!


  7. Billy C says:

    Surely your a bit late on this one given the 37% drop this morning.

  8. Malcolm says:

    I hope its going to be bearish for once, this company couldnt run a bath!

  9. luke says:

    Haha not showing my previous comment

    viva la revolution stalin

  10. Mike says:

    Truly monumental phuk up here Dan!!

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s not a cock-up. It’s a set back. There’s no one more disappointed than me. But you need to remember that they are actually producing oil and have at the very least 15 million barrels to pump.
      I’ll be giving them a very sharp interview this afternoon. What’s actually annoyed me here isn’t the limited oil flow. I spoke to the company last week and put it to them that they were still having difficulties re’ the water. They denied it. That’s what has annoyed me.


      • Lt says:

        Welcome to the lies Dan. That is what they do – they blag it each time you speak to them. I lost confidence a long time ago. But stayed in on the hope that one day they would get it right. So far they had a disaster in Hungary then Soko A12, A13 back to A12 then A13 and back to A12. To think they had 1000bopd from A12 now down to a mere 204bopd and that is after spending how much extra on the workovers?? From the AGM they clearly stated that they did NOT have the facilities on site to separate the water from the oil and they have to dispose of the water at more cost. I think todays drop is a light touch!

      • Dave says:

        It seems very short sighted by MTA management to deny and problems re’ water last week, when they knew exactly the extent of the problems. The shares were going down whether they admitted it last week or not, but whether we invest in MTA in future depends largely on trust, which as far as im concerned, they have lost.

  11. tom says:

    give it up Dan, been too long and too many problems ..

  12. danny says:

    Unfortunately for you Mr Dan, this is a stock that is almost representative of your blog, a stock you not just highlighted but strongly recommended. So when the stock sinks then the blog does too. Sure we are all aware of the risks of AIM purchases, but in hindsight you never told us anything that wasn’t available to all anyway.
    Read many accusations of you as a ramper, that can never be proved either way, no doubt the internet is packed solid with those trying to manipulate prices in their favour.
    Fell for all others that have lost substantial monies in this disastrous pick.

  13. Dave says:

    How come the shares opened at 8am and went down immediately by 30% The news didn’t break until 8.50am.
    I think i may have backed the wrong horse on this occasion.

    Anyone got any ideas how low they will go?

  14. Charles Marcus says:

    Dan why should any one remain invested MTA? i’M NOT ONE TO POST ABUSIVE COMMENTS AND i KNOW THAT YOU ARE A GENUINE GUY HAVING HELPED ME WITH gkp,Encore sefton where ive made some good gains but come on Daniel every time mta have drilled it’s been hugely disappointing. Maybe we need a new board or a new strategy? How the hell can they NOT stop the water? It’s poor management. And your decision to stick with them although loyality is admired, needs to be rethinked. They’ve failed yet again and I think you should now move on. Just my opinion for what its worth.


  15. Richard Ross says:

    Keep the faith – they may still get it right.The potential is there as is the oil.Interesting to hear what they have to say.

  16. James says:

    It’s all very well for all you guys having a go at Dan at least he’s go faith in MTA.They will get it right.They are producing oil and they are generating cash.

  17. ismail says:

    i dont know why everyone is having a go at Dan, he always says do your own research, with all respect to Dan, we win some and we loose some, thats life. i’m also sitting on a loss.

    Have a nice day

  18. Goldbug says:

    There is a reason why people say to DYOR. This is it!
    Dont listen to dodgy blogs, where all the information is freely available on the internet anyway, if you put the time in yourself.

    Shock, horror …the company lied to someone who phoned them regarding problems. Talk all you want to people over the phone but unless its in an RNS then its pretty worthless information, as it has no legal standing.

  19. bren says:

    This company is jinxed, just wish I never believed the hype

  20. Isaac says:

    Dan my comment about 2 weeks ago was not published although it had no profanity whatsoever,you just dont like people cotradicting you no wonder you chose Che Gueveras picture wasnt he a Marxist

  21. James Allen says:

    Cheers for that hot tip Dan!

  22. Joseph says:

    This was a leak above the well and was a bread and butter fix a month or so ago , now its dont know where its coming from but oh yes ! Of course we drilled into the water zone ! That must be it ! Its a carry on film This was a leak above the well and was a bread and butter fix a month or so ago , now its dont know where its coming from but oh yes ! Of course we drilled into the water zone ! That must be it ! Its a carry on film

  23. MikeST says:

    Talk about a bad day at the office… Very interested in what response (if any) you get when questioning them, on why they denied any difficulties with the water last week.

  24. Angus says:

    Lets take the heat out of this discussion, we are all ‘miffed’ about this share, I like many am nursing a sizeable loss at the moment and it’s likely to get worse b4 it gets better. DYOR is always the watchword and this year has taught me one thing and that is the value of a credible, honest and forthright management and this MTA ain’t got. Bit like NGL who’s sp also plunged earlier this year, but I won’t get on my soapbox just now. It’s the same problem though, the management are inept, secretive, and scheming. Shareholders want honest newsflow, not cover ups and false promises. So the first research topic for me will now be the credibility and reputation of the senior management of a company I consider investing in. Back to MTA, BMD you have to question the reliability of your source, he is not really ‘in the know’ at all is he?

    • Brokerman says:

      There’s actually 3 sources here our Russian sources informed us that oil was coming out of the gates via tanker (Thats confirmed) Our city sources alerted us that an rns was on the way (confirmed)they also previously to that informed us that MTA still had a water problem. This was put to the company and refuted by them approx 10/12 days ago. We kept faith with the company position they being judged to be reliable. Hindsight is a great thing. If we had of had the new site up and running we would of passed on the sources information re’ the water problems however the blog is open to the general public and it was decided not to pass on this due to the allegations this would bring from the company of deliberately shorting a stock they having dis-missed this personally to me via a telephone conversation. It’s a rock and a hard place. That’s the beauty of investing never a dull moment.


      • OB1 says:

        I guess we are where we are, what time are you talking to MTA Dan?

        Where do you see the cash for A14 coming from?


        • Brokerman says:

          I’ve just phoned them both are “UNAVAILABLE”.
          I’ll keep trying. I’ll button-hole them in the end.


          • OB1 says:

            Hmm, Delek are probably in the front of the queue to tear AH and PH a new ass.

            Better take a ticket and wait for your number to be called, it may be some time.

  25. Mark says:

    Dan you should of put that out and be damned with the consequences. Its obvious that Matra have lied through there teeth to you. They knew you knew and blagged you out of posting it. Get the new site up pal that way we can ditch these mongs that post crap whenever a company drop. The crazies come out of the woodwork whenever theres a problem they NEVER APPEAR when all goes well. Muppets the lot of them daytraders are ruining these threads.


  26. simon c says:

    shares go up and down… have little faith……good things come to the ones that never give up and always continue no matter the weather……the weather is rough at the moment but stay on this ship, sail towards the sun and the birds will be singing soon my friends!!

  27. Isaac says:

    i remember you stating ones you have quite a hefty amount of money in here,tell me Dan,have you cut your losses or still going on with the idea this sia good investment,i guarantee you this will hit 1.2 this week,and i dnt see anyone buying this in bug chunks untill we get closer to the next RNS thank God i learn my lesson after EO t/o you going on about.and do publish this comment

  28. JULIE says:

    Hi Dan – Do you have any update on Berkeley Minerals Jorc Report or how you see the share price as it has been December when you last posted. Thanks

  29. Dan says:

    Guys take a look at max petroleum found oil about 8 times this year alone . Staring jackpot deep drills in 4 weeks