Maxim Barskiy. The Peter Hind Master-Stroke.

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There’s only one name on the lips of Matra Petroleum holders this evening and that’s “Strategic Investor ” Maxim Barskiy. The new non-executive Director has certainly set tongues a wagging in the city and beyond with his 29.8% newly acquired stake in the company. His pedigree is impeccable.

I’m reminded of a famous quote from Casablanca. “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine” Of all the oil companies in all of the world Maxim Barskiy walked right into ours.

Barskiy’s background isn’t as some would have you believe just “investment banking”. In 2004 he became managing director of West Siberian Resources. The group merged with Alliance Oil and its market capitalisation grew from less than US$100 million to US$3 billion.

He subsequently moved on to TNK-BP. “Under Maxim Barskiy’s leadership TNK-BP achieved record results in 2010 and continued to grow in 2011. The Company’s effective expansion beyond its traditional markets, namely the successful acquisition of assets in Vietnam and Venezuela and the planned Solimoes project transaction in Brazil, has laid the foundation for TNK-BP’s transformation into an international oil and gas player. These accomplishments were made possible thanks to Maxim’s focused efforts,” said Mikhail Fridman, Executive Chairman of TNK-BP.

This looks like it’s a master stroke by messier’s Hind & Hodgson. It is a game-changer. As we understand it Peter Hind has pursued this avenue relentlessly for months on behalf of current share-holders ever mindful of bringing real value to the company.

Barskiy, after leaving TNK-BP last year, to pursue his own business interests, became chief executive of Pechora LNG, a company formed to develop a large gas resource via a LNG facility close to the Barents Sea. Barskiy said: “I believe that Matra represents an excellent investment opportunity because of its exciting project in Russia and its strong board and management.  Shareholders will all benefit from us working together to combine complementary experience and skills to replicate the success that we achieved in growing West Siberian Resources, both in Russia and ultimately abroad.”

I spoke to Matra this afternoon and it’s as apparent as the nose on my face that the quotes coming out of the company are at long last justified. Neil Hodgson told me “It’s just Brilliant”  All is going very well with Matra on site and in the Boardroom.

And on that fine quote, I’ll leave the Members to ponder this question; 10p or not 10p? Looks rather tame now.

Matra are on the up! Congratulations to the Board and welcome to Maxim Barskiy but most of all well done to all who have stuck by this company. The sky is the limit. Matra are going to rocket this year.



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  1. joestocks says:

    Please accept my un subscription . This is radio 1 . Im not in matra .

  2. cattleman says:

    Well dan, you were and are going to be proved right big time wat a good job i loaded up big @ 0.60 …thanks

  3. vonny232 says:

    I hope they do, I seriously need some good news.

    Still smarting for not selling AEX at 7.4p

  4. jdobson76 says:


    The reputation of Maxim re MTA will be made by the pedigree of the deal he manages to strike.
    His warrants (@1.3p) are already nicely in the money and he has more than doubled on his investment (which of course is still to be ratified).
    He doesn’t seem to be the sort of person who will sit around for ages before a deal is announced, and whilst he has a good pedigree in oil he is foremost a money-man.

    A deal of $25mln+ in size is going to require further shares being issued, hopefully it will be earnings/reserves enhancing