Sefton Resources. The Competent person? Really?

It’s becoming increasingly tortuous being an investor/writer on the Smallcap oil & gas “underverse” sector.  Companies operating on the margins of legality test my patience as they bleed UK Investors dry. Using “Independent” CPR’s, Reserves & fake bopd promises with fantastical PV10 valuations that are fraudulent. Written by one man band companies that operate out of Post Office box numbers. 

Their purpose? To cheat UK Investors out of their hard earned cash and to transfer that cash to the Board of Directors as they Miss-Direct the great unwashed into believing the bullshit that they release.

Take a good look at Sure Engineering LLC the “Company” used by Sefton Resources to tell us all how valuable their Kansas assets are. It’s “run” by a “Dr Nafi Onat”. It doesn’t have an office, it doesn’t have a web-site, it doesn’t have any employees, it doesn’t even possess a web mail address. The Turkish educated Dr Nafi Onat uses an AOL email address but more to the point it’s run from a PO Box. P.O. BOX 261967   SURE ENGINEERING, LLC.

Now call me a cynic but isn’t this the “Dr Nafi Onat” who has been paid by Sefton Resources to give out ridiculous Kansas PV10 valuations? Of course it is. Now are we all aware of the Aim Regulations & Guidelines concerning CPR reports? No? Then you can familiarise yourselves with them by clicking HERE. Happy reading. By the way I have already passed this on to the relevant authorities. 

Oh I nearly forgot, is Dr Nafi Onat  actually known as Ibrahim Nafi Onat? Who resigned from Texhoma Energy, Commission File Number: 000-31987 TEXHOMA ENERGY, INC?

Who on or about January 12, 2009, (Ibrahim Nafi Onat) legged it (resigned) as a Director & Vice President of Operations after saddling Texhoma with debts of $7.800,000 million dollars? Mortgaged up against “Assets” that were in  fact worthless? 

Leaving Texhoma to tell everyone that they were filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 Bankruptcy! Of course it is! I wonder why he never used the ‘Dr’ title at Texhoma instead preferring to call himself Ibrahim Nafi Onat? I wonder why he now uses the ‘Dr’ title at Sefton but doesn’t use his first name Ibrahim? Funny that init? You can have a good read of Seftons’ Kansas asset PV10 Competent Person by clicking the link below. PMSL!


Daniel Levi

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