Precogz Company Reports! 40% Discount code now available!

As part of our crusade for Private Investors we are constantly on the hunt for information, sources, opinion & some times freebies for our Members, Email subscribers & general BMD site visitors. We get offered all kinds here on the BMD Site! Rarely do we take up the offers as they have to be worth while for our Members.

There’s a great new service currently being offered to Day-Traders & Private Investors from  Who have partnered up with Interactive Investor to offer company reports online. I managed to steal a look at several of them & I must say I was impressed with the content. They are not the informative Broker note type epistles more akin to where the company could be trading over the next few months with Charts, Opinion & Analysis incorporated.

Now these reports cover some of the company’s that we discuss & track on our site. So I challenged Precogz to come up with a report. (as a test of their competence) As BMD Members already know, I commissioned Precogz to write an exclusive report on Madagascar Oil & Gas. I did this specifically because I’m well aware of the company fundamentals, assets, news & trading patterns. I can’t fault the Moil Report. It is spot on.

The reports cost £10 each via a secure download from  companies covered include Gulf Keystone Petroleum; Herencia; Red Emperor; Range Resources; Angel Mining & Ntog to name but a few. There’s even a free report on the AIM MARKET which is worth a read & justifies your visit!

Shareprice/Precogz did offer BMD £2 for every download that came from our site. However that’s not the Brokermandaniel way. We’ve now managed to badger Precogz/Shareprice to incorporate the £2 into a discount code for our Members,Visitors & Email subscriber lists, on top of the original 20% affiliate discount. Which means that after a two week tooing & froing debate with them we’ve got a 40% discount code! Enter the voucher code; “BMD”  at

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