Two Million Hits & counting!

2 MILLION HITS.  TODAY AT 9.37pm THE TWO MILLIONTH VISITOR WAS LOGGED IN 2011. That’s a fantastic achievement for the blog. This year stats are now on course to double from last year. Many thanks to all who have visited. Keep coming and lets hope we can keep the Revolution going in 2012 when the new site launches!


El Daniel…………….

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  1. Al says:

    Well done. What the heck is happening with RRL? Dropped right back to 7p. Sadly I have followed more companies you have recommended which have dropped than have gained, so no budget for a subscription. Far too great a loss, of course general negative market sentiment has taken its toll, but lets have some better luck next year hey!

    • Brokerman says:

      There isn’t a Brokerage, Institution, Private Investor or listed company that hasn’t been effected by the sovereign debt crisis. That’s the market played out on a Global basis. There are some excellent bargains out there with many companys trading well below Net Asset Value. It’s fear that’s driving the City at the moment and it looks like it will continue into next year.

      Tin hats needed.


  2. Bill Weightman says:

    Congratulations DAN, You are a great guy with 1000s of followers. What about some information on Atlantic Coal. I can feel a large deal coming soon.
    Any way Happy Xmas to you and your family. BILL.