Rockhopper Petroleum. Thoughts on the drill?

English: History Repeats Itself.
History repeats itself?

*Just a quick note about the Ignis notification increase. I’ve had the heir apparent of III on the Blackberry, SpikeyDT, who thinks it may actually be a slight decrease, Nevertheless the lesson remains the same use Institutional increases/decreases as a pointer as to what may or may not come re this drill. History is useful. Any mass Institutional sell offs or buys before the drill results are announced should be used as a pointer as to which way the drill is rumoured to be going. *Good work Spikey!

Is recent history about to repeat itself?  You’ll all recall the last drill by Rockhopper Petroleum (which came in). The spud/drill was proceeded by a whole raft of Institutional buys before RKH announced the good news. Today sees Ignis increasing their stake to over 4%! Hmm Obviously some one MAY know something!



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  1. Rafa says:

    Dan, is this an increase or decrease in holdings, hard to read? Think des deserve a bit of luck anyway, hoping with rock on the drillbit they should be quite handy around sealion by now.