GKP Update 17

News is doing the rounds here that Fox Davies are upping their target price SIGNIFICANTLY. The numbers being bandied about (depending on who you speak too) range from 225p/300p. The race to see which House releases their revised price target is on .The Kudos of being first, with all the usual caveats, to issue fact based revised analysis is always an interest here. Bets are on that Evolution will fall into line and pump up their jam so as not to be seen by the market as out of touch re’ their recent calumnious GKP report! Expect a price correction on this stock when the new targets are released.

News is also reaching me of a fraudster posing as my good self on a new chat site.
Mimickry of my name is beyond my control.

****The recent flashnote of the 18th Jan is a firming up of the 200p price target on Shaikan1 only, the whispers here are confirming that there is a revision of the targets being undertaken pre 2nd/3rd drill which fd have not fully taken into their analysis*****

Up the Revolution!


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  1. Wiley says:

    Good to hear. Bought in yesterday after a few weeks of waiting. Have to say I dont rate Evolution, they’ve made some terrible calls in the past on some stocks I hold!

  2. Stig says:

    Cheers Dan – pretty cool regarding GKP at mo as expect it to drift lower until positive news on takeovers and politics.

    OT: However SAM is causing me some concern as is drifting lower. Any news on SAM or is just usual AIM behaviour?



    • Brokerman says:

      Go with your gut feeling it’s your call.

      There’s no news re’ the recent drop.
      Could be the loss of another account then it could just as well be market jitters re’ the recent re-structuring my gut tells me its the latter.


      • Stig says:

        Cheers Dan – will stick with SAM as I thinbk undervalued and on;ly have a modest holding so smallish risk.


  3. floydy says:

    Thanks Dan but I thought Fox Davies had already announced that their new price target was £2 just recently?

  4. Brokerman says:

    Check the clarification on the post.


  5. steve says:

    Thanks for update Dan, holding firm and grateful for your information, as Dave Allen would say, May your God go with you.

    PS hopefully imposter will disappear, must be some nutter imho

  6. ADVFNguy says:

    Ive telephoned Fox Davies asking them too confirm this re value Dan they seemed mighty pissed off and started grillin me about where i got it from. Hope ive not stuck you in in pal!
    They transfered me over to some geezer who gave me the third degree!

    He wouldnt confirm it but he wouldnt deny it either.
    Strange methinks?????????

    Good one Dan


  7. John William says:

    I would think most invetors are of the opinion that this is another Cairn Energy
    in the making. The only difference being with Cairn when the Oil in Place was
    confirmed the share price didn’t hang about ( unlike GKP ) but shot up
    exponentially. With other brokers and particularly the press carrying bullish tips
    on Cairn with catch phrases like ‘fill your boots’

    With GKP only Fox Davies thats been singing its praises. So we wonder why
    the other share pundits other than yourself, have been silent on GKP ????

  8. Randalf says:

    I still think the revised figures are a touch on the low side when you compare the market cap / barrel of oil that other similar companies are currently valued at.

    • Jay053 says:

      We dont know what GKP will be paid Per barrel yet!!
      $3.50-$5.50 Possibly $7 !!!

      • Brokerman says:

        Jay more like $2/3, if they get any thing near $7 then expect a massive sp increase well over 700p.


        • Jay053 says:

          Yes,, i agree $7 would be great news although highly unlikely,, but still possible!!

          I agree $2/3 is likely,, but I would be disappointed with that,,
          $3.50 I would be happy with,,

          The thing which is going to keep it down would be the fact that the Blocks were more than likely low risk,,,,

          But the likes of HUNT OIL have huge amounts of negotiating power!! And im sure America can do some arm twisting!!


    • Hotchick99 says:

      Good post,thank you.

      Sorry to be a pain Dan,did you pick up any talk regarding GCM,regarding recent price movement.


      • Hotchick99 says:


        Many thanks that would be great. I do appreciate your time & information, and obviously discretiion not a problem – just for my info only.

        Thanks again, and look forward to hearing from you at the weekend.

        Looking forward to a breakout on GKP soon, just topped up today with a few more. – Lots of good out of hour trades today!!! – Looks like its being surpressed

        • golfguy says:


          I would be extremely grateful if you could copy me in on the GCM info. hotchick99 kindly sent you a request for GCM rumours/info upon my request on the iii GCM board. You have my assurance that any info sent by you will not be copied to the boards – I very much appreciate what you are doing for us PI’s and therfore I would not put your position in jeopardy.



        • Golfguy says:


          Would it be possible for you to copy me in on the GCM info as well. Hotchick99 kindly sent you the original message upon my request on the iii GCM board (golfguy). I confirm that I will not reproduce any of your reports on the bb’s. I really appreciate what you are doing for us PI’s and therefore I would not put your position in jeopardy should you choose to send me the info/rumours etc..

          Kind regards,


          • Brokerman says:

            Yes i’m sorting it out email tonight.


          • golfguy says:

            Thank you Dan,

            I much appreciate your efforts. I look forward to receiving the email. Will you be adding your views as well? I’m trying to get an idea of the likely timescale for the Phulbari mine ‘green light’. It does seem as though the Bangladesh government are trying every stalling trick in the book with regard to the coal policy etc…



          • Hotchick99 says:

            Thanks very much dan, look forward to receiving your email.


          • golfguy says:


            There are quite a few investors on the iii GCM board that would be very interested in hearing your views & rumours/info on GCM. Instead of sending an email, myself & fellow GCM investors would be grateful if you could create a separate blog on here to highlight the potential of the company. You’ve done a fantastic job for us on GKP, hopefully you can do the same for GCM.

            We are not interested in starting a massive ramping campaign, its just a number of us feel that certain significant developments may happen in the very near term which could hugely re rate the share price.


          • Brokerman says:

            I shall be posting a blog on GCM asap. I am currently awaiting emails from several sources who are very reliable.


          • golfguy says:

            Top man!

            Whilst waiting for your sources to come back to you, have you got any to wet our appetite? I can almost sense that alot is going on behind closed doors!

            Thanks again for your help.

  9. Hotchick99 says:

    Must get to grips with this board!!!!!

    Dan did you get to hear any talk regarding GCM recent price movement.


  10. Jeff says:

    With all this recent news of the KRG trying to thrash out a deal with the Iraqi government it’s got me wondering what the best and worse case outcomes could be. It seems one end of the spectrum is the contracts are deemed illegal and ripped up (not sure where we stand then), the other side of the coin being we get good money for the oil? Not sure what the contracts actually state so can’t comment on % figures or prices. Does anybody have a feeling on these given the recent news? In terms of risk, if the contracts were deemed illegal (unlikely I know) where would the GKP Kurd. Ops then stand?…..pack up and go home? Anybody any hunches on the scale of this potentially?

    • Jeff says:

      P.S I’m not bashing here, just trying to get a handle on the risk. I’m still in big and ain’t selling I promise 😉

    • Brokerman says:

      Jeff the dispute is purely and simply about dollars. Nothing more nothing less. The Baghdad lot want their slice of the pie the KRG don’t want to give them a large piece some where they’ll meet in the middle and the deal will be struck. Baghdad need the Kurdistan revenue for infrastructre etc etc once they agree a face saving way out of the impasse things will move VERY quickly.


  11. ADVFNguy says:

    Dan ive clicked on your site meter and waded through your statistics.
    Did you know that over 40% of your hits are coming from a commercial source?
    lot of hits from the city of london.
    Hmmmm… Some ones are from Honeywell, reuters,evolution,Londoncapital asset management,royal sun aliance,barclays plc ,citi bank,investco the list is endless.
    It’s safe to say Dan that the city of london are watching this blog.
    Becareful Muckka!


  12. Jay053 says:

    DAN,, what are the thoughts on the floors? ,,
    All major markets closed down,, most of my portfolio this morning is red,, (I dont hold any banks)
    Seemingly caused my Obama’s banking reform plans, Are the markets going to suffer more,
    Could this snow ball into something bigger!!

    Im thinking of selling up about 80% of my portfolio,,then buying back in after everything has settled,, which I wouldnt usually dream of,, or maybe I could ride it out!!

    how many others are thinking of selling up,, and how many of those thinking are actually doing!!??

    Just some thoughts ive been having in the last day!!

    Maybe im over reacting!!


    • Jay053 says:

      Ok maybe I over reacted!! ,, the blue is coming back!!

      • theshipscook says:

        GKP up as I type. The storm will pass in my opinion. If you can take some short positions on the Dow as a hedge. Of course, that carries its own risks.

    • Brokerman says:

      Well i can advise you on the Banking sector. Long-term there’s no worries to be had. Now long-term within this city means 5 years.
      If you have any bank stocks you should be checking ALL the broker rec’s for your stock as well as the mid/long term price targets, company announcements,leading institutional investors as well as leading private investors thoughts on your stock. Market sentiment can change in the blink of an eye so if your planning on trading lets say Lloyds there are one or two tools at your disposal. On any increase re’ the SP INCREASE your stop loss and lock in profit. If you have bought discounted rights partition them off as a seperate transaction. All those who have taken up their Lloyds rights are showing a healthy profit on the rights stock. If you sold your rights stock then kept your initial holding long-term your still in the company with a return of your rights issue monies AND A sizeable profit too boot. However your average rises.
      The complexity of Banking stock precludes any normal PI having an edge when it comes to analysis there are a myriad of reasons why you should keep holding Banking stock not least that the sector is beginning to recover. The best indicator of when the sector has recovered is the reinstatement of dividends. If i had 10 million sterling to invest over the next 12 months a hefty slice of it would find its way into the sector.


  13. floydy says:

    Rumour from advfn…….

    Warlord4 – 22 Jan’10 – 14:57 – 67191 of 67191

    Vague rumours doing the rounds that the placement is completed supposedly around 90-93p!

    Lets hope BMD gets an embargo over the weekend to burn all the shorts!

    will let u know if i hear anymore, please remeber its only a rumour

    GKP is a tight ship now so i wouldn’t say that a lack of volume means no news is due, many people have their positions and are fully loaded!


    • stewart says:


      regarding warlords post saying that rumour of placing complete at 90p to 93p are you hearing the same, if so why don’t they announce it would get rid of the uncertainty, also is it for about £80M

      kind regards


    • windfall says:

      well lads i made a mint today again on PRTY & 888 i suggest you start looking at these to make up for the non movement of GKp & other oilies, i am also in GKP,

      PRTY to look at merging with Bwin, if that happens it gives a hell of a kick to th on line gambling industry, worth over £2 Billion between them, it will happen, they have been denying it for a while but they can no longer do that, BUY BUY BUY,

      dan i’m surprised you never pushed this one, i have been pushing it for ages, also on the basis that they will RE-ENTER the USA market, this share was over £17 a few years ago, it will come back, they make money even when we sleep, no stock to hold, wake up people, PRTY & 888 remember where you heard it, DYOR, GLTA Windfall

      • Wiley says:

        Well let’s hope PRTY finally give us some good news, have held them for quite a while now. Pleased things seem to be progressing in the states, hopefully dikshit doesn’t sell off any more of his stake!

        • windfall says:

          Wiley, it would be good for PRTY if dikshit sold more shares, the company was iiliquid, no shares were available, now it’s freed them up alot more trading happening, anyway if this merger goes through it will be up at £20 a share, when it gets back into the USa it will be £40 a share, so don’t worry, Prty is the share to be in for 2010, GL mate,

        • Wiley says:

          How… topical…

          “26/01/20: Online poker group Partygaming is friendless, however, after Anurag Dikshit, the co-founder of the company, offloaded his remaining 9% stake in the company. His investment vehicle, Crystal Ventures, sold around 38.8m shares at 270p each. “

      • Wiley says:

        For some reason I didn’t see your post on the 25th..

        Good to see the price pushing new highs today, feared we may have been in for a situation similar to when he sold his last lot.

  14. Diamondbob says:


    all gone a bit quiet on here, once again oil is heading down to the bottom of the trend range, probably somewhere around $70 again and taking the sp down into the 80’s once more. All broker upgrades on this stock means crap to the real investment houses. China pulling the financial plug on the banks has affected oil, this won’t last, once oil hits the bottom of it current trend it will rise!

    As ever good luck, DB

    • Diamondbob says:

      Ps, really don’t see anybody ‘pumping up their jam’ on this stock at the moment, sorry.

      • Jay053 says:

        I think this Blog should be re-named ..

        ”Diamond bob’s Blog!!”

        Keep up the good work BOB


        • Diamondbob says:

          Hope some of you got in on the bounce with Desire, straight down to a quid a pop and then back up, now that’s what I call a tree shake!!

          GKP struggling today, middle 80’s then a bounce, Iike 3 weeks ago, hopefully it’s just following it’s natural trend

          As ever good luck all. DB

      • Brokerman says:

        You need to remember how far this company has come over the last 6 months. Constantly waiting day in and day out minute by minute will skew your perspective. I suggest you take a break from clock watching.
        Time is the key here. Frustration will not speed up GKP’s SP or any Brokerages’ report You don’t dictate to the market it dictates to you.
        Patience will pay in abundance.


        • Jay053 says:

          We can only assume that you havent heard of anything interesting going on at GKP!!


    • windfall says:

      I would just like to say to everybody be very careful with any tips that are given out here or anywhere else, just because Dan gives the tips it doesn’t mean they are going to make you a fortune, (No offence Dan) just be very careful, people have their own Agendas when giving tips out, ie want to raise a stock price that they are currently in then dump it, just Be Careful, GL & always DYOR as Dan says, Windfall

      • windfall says:

        I gave a tip on PRTY take a look it is starting to do alot behind the scenes right now, if you want to make some money while waiting for GKP to rise then do some research on PRTY, GL

  15. Sangura says:

    Please notify me with alerts on GKP & GCM

  16. floydy says:

    DAN, have you been told to be quiet?
    Unlike you not to comment at what is always an interesting time for GKP.

  17. Robert O says:

    Any news on the floors re SONGBIRD EST (Canary Wharf)
    only i ve noticed 2 buys which cost 10 000 000 pounds
    somebody knows something?????
    Any news on GKP ?

    looking for some encouragement as i am in above 2
    shares (big)

    • Diamondbob says:

      The Dows heading towards 10000 and oil should bottom on it’s trend when this is achieved. All oil company’s under pressure today even that runaway train Desire got derailed late on. Couple of more down days then hopefully a nice bounce mon/tues.


      • Robert O says:

        Hi DB
        Good to see your positive Re the oil industry!!!
        I think the issues surrounding President OBAMA
        and Wall st will keep things quiet for a while.
        Re GKP the fact is they are sitting on a
        world class oil find _ I am hoping they drill
        the remaining blocks as there is every
        chance of them finding more black gold !!
        Good luck Rob

        • Diamondbob says:

          Good to see there’s someone else on here, thought this blog had closed down!!

          No worries about the Dow, it’s going where it needs to go, regardless of what Obama and co say, they are just the excuse, it would have been something else anyway just like it’ll be something else next time! The 10% correction is almost over now.


        • Diamondbob says:

          Forgot to mention US GDP figures out tomorrow, the forecast is for 4.5%, there more chance Todd winning the Olympics’ keep a straight face competition’ than that happening. That should finish off the week nicely.

    • aj says:

      Hi Rob,

      It’s nice to see you posting again. I don’t know if you noticed today but there were two mammoth buys on Songbird Estates.

      The two huge buys are listed below –

      Share Price Paid £165.00 / Quantity of Shares Purchased 3,000,000 / Total Cost £4,950,000.00

      Share Price Paid £165.00 / Quantity of Shares Purchased 3,000,000 / Total Cost £4,950,000.00

      Total Value £9,900,000.00

      These buys are very impressive indeed and that doesn’t include the other multiple £41,000.00 buys and £161,250.00 buys. The Qataris obviously still realise the current valuation is as ‘cheap as chips’ as the buying is certainly heating up! Its almost relentless at the moment and the recent buys have been breathtaking.

      Remember this article below, the Qataris must surely be nearing their target increase?

      “Hot gossip says it plans to soon increase its stake to 29.9pc prior to launching a full-scale offer in the region of 250p a share”.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1231288/MARKET-REPORT-Arabs-look-set-cage-Songbird.html#ixzz0dwgHuKtT

      P.S It will be a transformational year for Gulf Keystone Petroleum and their shareholders and this year will be driven by a very heavy flow of news. The key word at the moment is ‘patience’ and as Warren Buffet famously said “The stock market has a very efficient way of transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient”.

  18. Robert O says:

    Hi DB You seem like an interesting guy& savvy investor_!Re comments
    on the DOW, do you think stocks are overvalued on Wall st ? what
    about London? What is the view in the US re breaking up the banks
    Surely if you try to stop profitable but risky lending activities where
    is the next generation of entrepreneurs going to get funding from ?
    Do you not think the current flat markets are reflecting the low morale
    felt by Bankers re bonuses etc after all fund managers & bankers
    need to start lending& investing again in order to get the economy
    moving, If we are to create wealth whats wrong with being part
    of a capitalist society !! could be an interesting debate >>>>>Rob

    • Diamondbob says:

      Even with today’s unexpected and quite stunning GDP figures and some very positive earnings during the week, the Dow still keeps ploughing on down.

      This is a painfull, if your down as much me!, but healthy correction. As I mentioned earlier the general opinion is that we should see a good bounce early next week. Euro markets will react to this on Monday so don’t expect much change out of that one but could be a time to grab last minute bargins

      I’m sure Dan is still digging away on behalf of his blog but in reality there’s not much going on with this stock at the mo, plenty of action to come as the Iraq elections draw closer though, I expect big tree shakes as the MM try to sqeeze the last of the big profits out of this stock!!

      All the best DB

  19. turtleneck says:

    Has gone everso quiet……has someone been told to stop ….

    • Jay053 says:

      Someone must have got a girlfriend!! Hasnt got any time for us anymore lol

      • Diamondbob says:

        It’s Friday night, time with the missus or better still somebody else’s missus!!

      • Diamondbob says:

        I do hope Dan as’nt found the Met Police!! One or two arrests at the weekend I see. Perhaps he’s in Burnley giving some support to JT, when I posted last night it wasn’t intended as a piss take! Funny how things happen

        Bit like GKP. DB

    • Cornelius Pug says:

      My thoughts exactly. Perhaps something is seriously afoot about which Dan can’t let us know…. Maybe his silence is his way of telling us.

  20. warrington wanderer says:

    oh dear !
    have you sold out my friend?

  21. Robert O says:

    Hi DB. Thanks for your post fri_ Love your succinct & informative
    posts, i ‘ m envious of your communication skills !
    Not looking forward to the loud noises from the GKP orchard
    when the trees start shaking!! Re GKP dont suppose you
    are attending the Canapes & Drinks do in Mayfair on tues at 7.30
    I bet DAN will be lurking doing his next update. I expect TODD
    to strut his stuff !! Sorry to see the DOW is not doing you any favours
    I might be able to ease the pain with a bit of info about a project
    about to happen in Europe,
    Money to be made. will post it to you next week. Good luck Rob

    • Diamondbob says:

      Best get to the nearest a&e and get that tongue removed from your cheek mate. Nice try though, obviously ‘a man of the world’ as they say!

      Good luck. DB

  22. floydy says:

    Dan, have you been stopped from posting on your own blog?

  23. miopus says:

    Just to let you know that MikeyT is publicising that he expects an RNS in the morning and has been in a fracas on iii this evening. Some were advising him to take a break and not be so obsessive.

    Be interesting to see what actually transpires. Any chance of an update Dan on GKP presentation next week ?

  24. steve says:

    Daniel it is disconcerting to have not had a post from you for over a week, can you confirm that all is well with you and that silly poster who phoned evo quoting you has not caused a problem for you and your ability to continue on here.

    Presentation tomorrow, but not getting to excited, keeping both feet on ground, take care


  25. warrington wanderer says:

    so Dan, when was it that you sold up???

  26. floydy says:

    One would have to assume that Dan has been baaned form posting on his own blog!
    Naughty naughty!!