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  1. splitinfinity says:

    The face looks familiar, like I should know, but I cant quite place it. Who is this?

  2. splitinfinity says:

    Not to worry, a google image search answered the question.

  3. bren says:

    Thats how I feel at the moment as a MTA shareholder. covered head to toe in pig poo

  4. SolaKing says:

    Nice one. All part of life I would say.
    Cheers, SK.

  5. d says:

    Just out of interest, what happened to the 1 million challenge ? Sure it has been asked before with no reply, but will give it a go.

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s still going strong. Awaiting San leon to pick up. Did very well with Cad now in VOG.


      • Jimbo says:

        The challenge must be over now given the state of matra?!? You must be nursing losses of least 70-80% given the constant hyping of matra even when at 4p? and san leon must be down 30-40%

        I think this year is a write off for any challenges….next year hopefully. im doing my own personal 10k to 100k. got 220 quid profit so far

        • Brokerman says:

          We were doing rather well. We did realsie 30k profit from cad then ploughed that in to VOG the san leon stake is down 57% which is some what off set by the Cad profit however we are still significantly down by 23% overall.


  6. Nibor says:

    I had half-hoped it was someone from Matra’s BOD…

  7. Ldlv says:

    20 year Production Licence for the Sokolovskoe Field…in the pocket

     Based on the results of a study by Equipoise Solutions Ltd (“Equipoise”), a specialist geoscience consultancy and all other field data, Energy Resource Consultants Ltd (“ERC”), an independent reservoir evaluation company, completed a Competent Persons Report on the Sokolovskoe Field that determined P50 recoverable contingent resources of 15.1 million barrels…in the pocket

    Independent field assessment showed unrisked upside potential of the Sokolovskoe field to be in excess of 50 mmbbls…huge potential

    Well-12 had flowed oil at rates in excess of 1,000 bopd…huge potential

    Ludicrous Mkt Cap ÂŁ8 Millions…fact

    Approvals to drill Well-14 probably on December, they are on track from Russian Authorities according to Peter Hind. A14 is the cream of Soko…MTA is currently considering a number of financing options, with the best interests of shareholders in mind

    A12 an A13  drilled to meet our licence obligations means that they were not ideally configured for production. This has caused serious operational difficulties that can be eliminated by design changes for subsequent development wells

    Well-13 is producing oil without any signs of water and the flow can be improved

    It is planned that future wells will be terminated above the OWC thereby facilitating good cement bonding and zone isolation. The independent study carried out last year by ERC/Equipoise concluded that  the Company should encounter better reservoir to the north of the two existing wells where full development of subsurface reefs are expected.

    Planning and approvals for the full field 3D seismic survey should be done later this year

    This will fly, this prize is Ludicrous!!! Just hold and if you can buy…multi bagged written all over it but no just tomorrow…

    • Brokerman says:

      I agree with your sentiment. But you can’t blame investors who jump ship it’s totally understandable given Matra’s history. I, like you, will continue to hold and reap the benefits when the oil begins to flow.


  8. Angus says:

    MTA…For once I agree with BMD… rampermandan you don’t get good press around the chat rooms do you? and all those recs of yours i followed, including the serial disappointer MTA, are well down. but hey what isn’t and I not complaining, I did my research too.

    However, you could certainly do worse than MTA at the mo methinks, if you’re looking for a quick kill then look elsewhere, but the medium to long term can only be profitable at these levels surely. the resources are there we just need the company to get their act together and for the markets to be more receptive to good news….so lets pray Europe as a single entity goes the way of the dodo, so the markets can take the anticipated hit, get used to it and come back.

    At c.75 – .80p I top up MTA regularly. Similar to NGL, totally useless over the last 12 months and in my book far more disappointing than MTA, but again the resource is there and at some point when production does finally ramp up, we’ll all be kicking ourselves for not jumping in at c7p.

    Forget alchemy the one true goal we should all be seek to attain is……. Hindsight! Until then we will have to suffer our MTA’s and NGL’s.

    Have faith

    Angus ‘the occasionally overly optimistic!’

    • Brokerman says:

      Unfortunately for you Angry Angus you’re completely missing the point of the Blog. It is not a day-traders tip sheet. We write an article with an opinion based on what we can find out about the company we use various methods. Some as simple as checking through the company fundamentals others involve speaking to Brokers,Analysts, company employees, others are more unorthodox and can’t be written about. On matra we’ve regularly sourced information directly from Russia, As we have on RKH DIRECTLY FROM the Falklands. Take Encore oil we built up a very good relationship with the Harbourmaster in Dundee.
      As for chat boards They are populated by day-traders masquerading around using different multipule identities. We don’t give two hoots for them and very rarely visit them. They are the last post for failed traders trying to influence others. We don’t tell you to buy we tell you to RESEARCH or watchlist the stock! Then decide for YOURSELF! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY ETC. That’s why this site against all the odds regularly gets over 20,000 hits per day from around the Globe over 180 different countries visit the Blog. The nonsense posted on Interactive Infestor or any of the lesser sites doesn’t effect this site. It is successful because it calls stock correctly such as Encore oil, RKH,NAUTICAL PETROLEUM,XCITE ENERGY, LENI,HAIKE CHEMICAL,MATRA, CHARIOT OIL & GAS,PREMIER OIL,GKP,SEFTON RESOURCES,RRR,bezant resources,Bahamas Petroleum,Aurelian oil,Caza oil,Cadogan, etc etc etc I could go on and on ALL of these companys have at one point or another been covered ALL ROSE dramatically AFTER BEING HIGHLIGHTED some by over 400%. It is up to each individual to decide when or if they should take profit. The gripe most commonly heard from you is a common one UTTERED to aportion blame away from your failure to trade successfully. Of course some companys such as,Roxi,mxp,Europa etc never rose as dramatically as we here thought they could that’s because the company themselves have under-performed due to various problems encountered along the way NOT because of the Blog. Currently Europe is in crisis hence why stocks have dramatically fallen. If you are a genuine investor then you should of realised that we are in and have been in a GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS FOR THE LAST 2/3 YEARS.The blog has stated this regularly.
      Use your common-sense Angus. It is your money.

      Good Luck


  9. Dan says:

    Mxp have finally spudded the jackpot deep going after 467m barrels with a Market cap of 100m and hitting oil on almost every well this year . Roxi jumped 60% just for spudding a well a fraction the size of EMBA, by that logic we should jumped at least 60% today, but as when we keep finding oil, we will no doubt tank today, the so called experts will say 467m is priced in or we need flow rates etc , this well is not even priced in, it’s almost free and the target prices of around 40p don’t include the deeps.
    Can you run a story on max ?

  10. Johntheone says:

    I too will continue to hold but after the way Matras BOD treat investors there is no way on this earth id invest anymore money !
    My average is 2.2p so I could easily get this down but that idiot Hind would probably miss the oil on the next drill !!!