Premier Oil = Premier Investment.

Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

Premier apples.

Just a quick note on one of the leading lights in the oil sector. In light of Premiers’ smash and grab of Encore oil. Now would be a good time to take a long hard look at Premier as an investment for the next 12/24 months. That’s not a recommendation to buy the stock it’s a pointer to take a close look at them. They have a lot of good apples in their barrel! I feel they offer real value over the next two years. A very successful company that I have tracked for many years. They have an excellent corporate structure in place and have been one of the great success stories of the last decade.

Premier have actually been mentioned many times on the Blog and they are a safe medium term investment given the pressures that the world economy has been under for the last 3 years or so.

Get researching them. There’s lots of information out there.



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  1. abraham says:

    Encore was sitting at 140 and XEL 394 when you sensationally said “I think it’s safe to say that XEL,ENCORE,NAUTICAL and dear old PREMIER are all safe bets for future growth and the risk has all but evaporated on these four company’s. In fact it’s safe to say that the risk is now minimal.”- OK the market turned bad..but thats a big loss on both ENCORE (now 70p) and XEL (now 123p). Nothing are “safe bets” and i wish you be less sensational with some of your posting. Everyone reading the above on premier – caution.

  2. Micheal J says:

    Come on Abraham. Thats totally unfair. Dan wrote on Gkp Encore,Nautval & Xcite when they were all trading very low encore were 40p npe were 80pish everyone had ample time to take out their profits Dan wrote on them and said that he was nw moving away from these stocks as he thought Russian eastern europe oil plays offered scope for investing. They were all at the time safe bets just as Lloyds,Barclays Hsbc were look at the banks PI’s are suffering thats down to one simple fact world wide recession and panick mate . Not Dan or his trusty blog surely youre not holding him responsible for the global depression? I have made over 57 thousand pounds on encore,gkp as a direct result of this kid I’m down on San leon bought at 21p its my money,my investment and my responsibility don’t try to blame others grow some.
    It’s a testament on howgenuine this guy is that your comment gets aired.

    Mike Jones

    • Sarah says:

      I concur with that.
      I specifically recall the post from Dan the man stating that he thought they had gone as far as they could at present and that profit should be taken or at the Very least “derisk the holding”

  3. provestor says:

    aminex reccd at 7.8p. Currently 3.38p 🙁

  4. miopus says:


    Dan unfortunately does not (yet) rule the world !

    Why, by the way, wasn’t Theresa May’s song at Conservative Conference yesterday “Cool for Cats”?

  5. GABRIELE says:


  6. David says:

    Abraham, we have all been burnt recently with the markets (it’s choppy ou there!!!) but you have to make the calls, a loss doesn’t materialise until you sell.

    I’m in SLE and nursing a paper loss but when you research them and believe in the potential of shale in Europe longer term you’ll know why Dan is in heavy. All Dan is doing is bringing your attention to these stocks, your responsible for the rest………..If you don’t like the excited tone of his mails you can always unsubcribe!



    • Brokerman says:

      Quite right. The world economy is driven by fear at the moment. Some great bargains out there. You know it’s bad when Warren Buffet begins to buy his own stock.