SmiGon. Queries answered.



The email in-tray is currently awash with queries on SimiGon. Now we do not give out investment advice. We merely point to a company and say “Take a look at this one and research it”. Investors need to see the Blog posts as a pointer to research. They are rising in a market that is still in turmoil so that in its self should give you some idea of their strength.

In answer to queries No I am not invested in SimiGon. I did list the company for a writeup on the 14 Sept when their interims were released but as ever other matters pushed them out, they ended up on the back-burner until last week when I was reminded of their potential by one of our subscribers. They could very easily double over the next 6 months or so as the market wake -up to the inherent potential. 20p looks realistic.

Research is always the key.





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