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It’s been a long hard slog for holders of Matra stock over the last year or two. The  company have had to endure set back upon setback with a 3 steps forward 2 steps back grinding route to production. Last year investors were happy to read that Matra were confident of bringing production on stream at A12&A13 with a 1000bopd being forecast from the company but what investors failed to realise is that in the vast majority of cases the route to production is never straight-forward for small E+P Oilers. There will always be technical glitches; it is how the company go about fixing them that should count as to a pointer of their intentions. I have over many months been in contact with various sources, some expert in the art of drilling, and they tell me that Matra have had to drill A12 A13 on a set up that was not conducive to the formation/area this has been alluded to by the company.

So where does this leave investors? Well I’d say that they are in a very sweet spot indeed. With an sp below 2.5p, Matra are hugely under-value.They should be 4/5p minimum on the fact that oil is flowing!. Why they are under-value is due to sentiment among traders who constantly attack and bash the stock. It seems that there’s never a day that goes by without some form of online attack on different financial chat sites of course the company haven’t helped themselves with a non-existent Investor relations policy. The message is being lost in the vitriol being spewed out online. The company or their representatives need to get On Message! The whole emphasis of Matra is about to change over this year with a planned drill of  THE EAGERLY AWAITED  A14. The facts at the moment are that both A12&A13 are both producing oil. A12 has produced at 1000bopd reducing to approx’ 500bopd when the casing sprung a leak.  A13 is now on production producing approx 45bopd, oil sales have been ongoing since late March, revenue is now coming into company coffers with at least 15/20,000 barrels of oil being sold as of writing. This will increase once the work over rig remedies A12. Matra could in 4/6 weeks be producing over 7000 barrels of oil per week!  The company plan to use all the data learned from A12/A13 to significantly enhance the A14 drill. They intend to begin drilling A14 asap after identifying a “sweet spot” from seismic already covering the patch reef system. They will also shoot new seismic to the East and nEast this year and will probably overlap the seismic to include the A14 site, this will give an increased understanding of the structure and could result in a 2/3000 bopd. Of course there’s no such thing as a racing certainty in any walk of life problems do and can occur out of the blue, such is life. Such is Junior oil exploration. It’s time for the genuine investors here to play their part and get behind their company. The case for Matra is compelling when you research the fundamentals of the company and correlate this with the potential amount of oip with the experience of their top men. There’s more oil here, every indicator points to it and it is my opinion that the company have been battered into a corner by the relentless sniping of day-traders (who one day are positive then the next are negative depending on their daily trade position) whereby they are ultra cautious to the point of timidity. I have interviewed PH+NH on many occasions and found them to be genuine in their efforts. However I have NOT given them an easy time. I have certainly given this company a hard time and it is to their credit that they have never ducked any of the issues I’ve raised. That to me speaks volumes as to their integrity. They will almost certainly rise over the coming weeks and months as investor sentiment begins to change. The company are in a much improved position from 6 months ago yet the sp isn’t reflecting this; yet! But as sure as night follows day on the Russian steppes they look set to finally slay the beast. When full field production comes here what price Matra? It’s interesting to note that Delek increased their holdings in the company at a price higher than it is now. I don’t see Delek running scared that’s because they know the potential gains over the long-term. The whole emphasis is changing here and I’d expect over this year for the company to reach 6p with the potential to reach 10p as and when more oil begins to flow. Long-term who knows? How long is a piece of string? These really are one of the best junior oil plays currently out there. If you’re not happy investing then sell up and move on it’s as simple as that! Those who’ve stayed the course will reap the profits!



*****I’ve been receiving some new data/information from our snoopers in Orenburg. Apparently the work over rig is situated 2 Kilometres away from Matra, drilling at a site known as the Kurganskaya or Colganskaya field for a Russian oil company named Preobrazhenskyneft. Not sure of the spelling.*****

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  1. Anton Gully says:

    Bizarre. This almost feels like a Kafka-esque de-ramp of the stock.

    “I have interviewed PH+NH on many occasions and found them to be genuine in their efforts.”

    Where was any of that published?

    I hold about £10k at 3.8p, worth about eff all now, and I’m hanging on but, Jesus, what were you thinking posting this?

    I also note the subtle down-turn on the bopd. 500 and 45 compared to 700 and 100. Seriously, are you determined to eff MTA holders over? This is performance art. You understand the internet doesn’t go away each day? There’s a record.

    Your get-out is the sell-up and move on. Wow. I guess you’re finally abandoning this stock.

    BMD, I still have faith in MTA but I have no idea what you’re trying to portray here.

    • Brokerman says:

      I think that you are away with the fairies Anton . You need to seriously ask yourself if you are cut out for investing. The 750 bopd is as everyone knows the company figure with the water cut! The 100 is for A13 which the company accept is low A13 is expected to flow higher than the 45/65 present bopd when the pump is used.
      How you can write that the article indicates I’ve abandoned the stock is a mystery known only to yourself!! Complete ignorance on your part. As I am and have been as every investor knows a big fan of this company. Why? Because unlike you Anton I know exactly what is going on!


  2. alex says:

    Cheers dan, very helpful. Given me the confidence to stay the course!

  3. Anton Gully says:

    Nope, apparently not all worked out.

    “It’s time for the genuine investors here to play their part and get behind their company.”

    Genuine investors, as opposed to day traders. Yet your site caters to day traders.

    Every time anyone calls you on a poor prediction you cite peak prices, which usually occurred within hours or days of your post and often precipitated by them. When an investor says they’re hurting you lambaste them for not selling soon enough, or buying early enough. Duh. If we all knew when to do that we’d be billionaires and using monkey butlers to perform our trades.

    I appreciate the research, but I will re-iterate my earlier un-answered request from months ago – when you need to research companies, where do you go? Saying DYOR is BS if WHNTGO. If we have nothing to go on.

    I am sceptical about your grasp of the market. I think you have a solid grasp of traders’ mentality, but the market is more than that.

    • Brokerman says:

      You’re part of the problem Anton. Continually whining and seeking to aportion blame. The company were wrote about when the stock was at aprox’ 1.45p they are still well up over 80% and have risen over 200% well above your current level. If you are sat on any paper losses then it’s your responsibilty. I hold 2.8 million shares in matra. Sold 1.5million at 3.87 derisked. I bought at an average of 1.6 I have kept faith with the company and on top of my holdings by astutely managing them. If you can’t research any company then you should not invest in them. To come on here asking where you should go to research this company is disgraceful! Are you really saying that in this day and age you do not know where to research Matra???? First try the company web-site then check for broker-notes,then telephone the company as well as looking for articles in the uk press or any of the global news services such as Interfax,press association,Reuters and so on. Research oil plays in Orenburg, the current selling price of Urals Blend, contact the Orenburg chamber of commerce it’s NOT TOO HARD. Find out what companys operate in the region, who they are, how close they are to Matra drills, what the CPR says,Nav,fundamentals,Board experience etc etc. It’s a pain in the arse to do it but that’s what I do but then again it’s all too easy for investors like you to sit on your BUTT and do sweet FA!


  4. Josh says:

    What planet are you on mate? I how the bloody hell can you say this post means Dans ditched MTA?

  5. Davie says:

    Anton you plumb. what a load of horse dung you write.
    Ban this muppet for posting blatant lies Daniel.
    get your new web pages on the go so i dont hav to read doggydo like this

  6. Angela says:

    Reading all this is really frustrating lse iii all this bb are full of day trading people who don’t care of doing research on shares but just make some quick money.
    I have invested in mta for a long term 1 2 years I live in Milan and I been trading for 6 years and I did all the research on mta, is my first investment on the aim Market and I’m happy to be in.
    Thanks dan for your help ….. You should get rid of this negative person on your blog


    Ciao Dan

  7. Oilrig says:

    Dan you said a few months ago a few months we would hit 12p soon, now its 6p sometime this year. May i ask why you have half’ed your sp target?

    I agree mta will come good!

    • Brokerman says:

      I can see them hitting 50p over the long term I think bearing in mind the attacks of the last 6 months a 6 10p target is more realistic over the shorter term. I certainly expect them to be trading at a considerable premium to where they currently languish once full field production has been established.
      It all depends on sentiment being positive in the short term. Look at sefton certainly under-value when i wrote on them, they were 1.88p fair value for them on news would be about 4/5p they actually hit over 9p! Good news changes sentiment that’s what’s lacking with MTA once A12 is on full production the perception will change. Just watchlist them and wait.


  8. Mitch says:

    Anton sounds like a complete knob head

  9. jamesyboy says:

    Message for Anton Gulley.
    You must be the dumbest poster i’ve ever come across on the net.
    its no wonder Matra are in the frigging doldrums if they’ve got jockeys like you who cant even research the company. this is a blog from an anonymous blogger who posts his/her opinion more often than not he/she gets it right. thats why the site gets hundreds of thousands of hits every month and why real people like myself come here. I dont come here to read the s### you post . Get this moron on ignore please Brokerman. Why do you let C###ts like this post? I bet you are using this chumps ignorance to drive people like myself onto your new site where thank God the Anton Gullibles will not follow. Crafty sod Brokerman!

  10. Dan says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for the info, seriously considering putting some cash into mantra , good write up indeed.
    Trouble is I need max petroleum to tick up a little bit more so I can top slice .
    So you think mantra has more potential than max or am I better leaving my money where it is? As you know from the last time we spoke , I am getting rather frustrated in max despite it having all the potential in the world .
    I am also looking at SXX , any thoughts ?

  11. Oilrig says:

    Fair assumption and i agree that this share is undervalued. However, i do not see 25p in the next 5 years never mind 50p – As dilution will fund further drills. I have a O&G background and suspect many investors are unaware of what a patch reef is, and the production capabilities.

    Many years ago the contracting company i was involved in at the time…12 miles or so from the soko field drilled into one of these path reefs. The structure of the field was thought to be 8 meters in thickness, yet the discovered patch reef discovered a 25meter column, which flowed at over 4000bopd. The well head pressure was way in excess of 1500PSI as i recall.

    It would be interesting if you done a blog on these patch reefs at some point. I have spoken to NH and he confirmed the drilling fragments from the reservoir source rock did indicated that they were near the for-told patch reef…..May be why A12 flow figures are so good in comparison to nearby fields?!

  12. Will says:


    Even though I don’t always 100% agree with your comments just wanted to say that I thought you handled the Anton Gully rant with some restraint.
    Also good to hear that the A12 workover rig is close by. Knowing MTA it will still be late on site but here’s hoping for a successful plugging of the water ingress and then a swift move on to A14. I’d be quite happy if we could get 1,500 bpd out of this. Will

    • Brokerman says:

      Hi Will
      Thanks for the comment. I think Anton is atypical of the ignorance out there regarding Matra and their long-term as well as short-term prospects investors like these are part of the perception problem effecting sentiment with a constant barrage of negative ill informed comment. The more one learns about a company then the more one begins to understand that there’s always highs and lows. It is how one manages ones investment based on serious analysis that should underpin the investment. You can move on if not happy. I am happy so I will be staying.


  13. LT says:

    A positive post re Matra however you have not allowed for any caveat if for example the water ingress at A12 cannot be stopped. After all they could not stop it last time round albeit this is a different issue. I have heard the word corrosion being used re the A12 water problem.
    If indeed Matra are under valued (as you state) then can you account for why the Exploration Director Neil Hodgson who incidentally holds no shares in Matra does not seize this opportunity to buy shares in his Company? He earns a substantial salary! If both PH and NH are confident in stopping the water and have A12 producing circa 1000bopd surely this would be an excellent opportunity for them to buy shares whereby giving the existing PI’s, and new PI’s indeed institutions confidence that they can actually resolve the problems. So far it’s all been hot air and false dawns. Seems to me the lack of buying actually is having an adverse effect. (shows they are not confident)
    I have a chunky holding here as you know but i do doubt the short term potential of the SP.
    We know the rig is in an adjacent field as a few of the regular Pi’s had the information given to them by both PH & NH, the question is WHEN it will be released?
    Will you be attending the AGM Dan?

    • Brokerman says:

      Well first of all each director has no obligation to buy stock. Each board member is an individual and any assumption of why they are or are not buying stock is Moot. We do not know each directors private or personal financial position which would in my opinion be the over-riding consideration for any investment either being a PI or a Board member. They do have stock options linked to company performance and must have some form of remuneration linked to performance indicators. It is these that need to be focused on. I will not be attending the AGM as I am at present out of the country as of Friday just gone. I will be back in the UK on Tuesday evening.


      • LT says:

        I fully appreciate that Dan but let’s face it these guys are not here for the love of it – they are here to make money and their confidence could be backed up with a share purchase. Anyway Dan what about a caveat re A12, if they cannot stop the “Matra Spring” (reminds me of the Peckham Spring), what then?

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