Build a school in Africa. Update.

A composed satellite photograph of Africa.

Big Thanks.

Just a quick update on the our new site aim which is build a school in Africa. So far you helped enormously the current figures from this blog alone now stand at £567.83p. This revenue will be transferred to the new site revenues which should exceed £10,000 from our private advertisers.

A big thanks to all and what a terrific start  for the new site.

Well done to you.



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  1. rob dyson says:

    hi dan,
    im moving to malawi on 13th june and im a builder, ill be in blantyre looking for something to do, so if i can help out drop me a line.
    regards rob

  2. rob dyson says:

    also my wife is malawi we have all contacts and wed make sure all the money went into building not less than half which is often the case in africa

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes i’m aware of the problems but this project will be hands on and controlled from start to finish by investors. No corrupt local politican will ever get their hands on any of the revenue painstakingly accrued. That’s a certainty.


  3. chris says:

    Hi Dan, thanks for the constant info updates etc , what are your thoughts on matra, the fundementals are still the same, are you still confident with your buy reccomendation ?. Down at 3 today

  4. random poster says:

    Whats the url of the new site?