FA CUP Tickets Winner. Mr Paul Baines of Stoke on Trent.

The FA cup

Winner of the 2 tickets Mr Paul Baines of Stoke on Trent.

Well it’s been a great success with over 2,000 emails received. Unfortunately there can be only one winner but many thanks to all who emailed in. Lets hope we can keep getting the freebies and passing them on to subscribers.  The lucky winner (Drawn by me) is Mr Paul Baines of stoke on Trent. Can you please contact the Blog  Admin. I have emailed you and await your reply.  You have 2 hours to confirm acceptance by email. Other wise there’s a re-draw! Starting from 12.53pm.

Once again many thanks to all who took the time to throw their hats into the ring.



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No Responses

  1. SolaKing says:

    Congrats Mr. Paul Baines.
    Dan, any comment on Sefton Resources from you please on today’s news of CPR report? Will appreciate it.
    Cheers, SK.

  2. Mt says:

    SLE down, MTA down, GKP down, VOG down, CAD down and now no FA Cup final tickets!! Where’s the unsubscribe button! 😉

  3. Paul Baines says:

    Yippeeeeeee!!!!! I’ve sent you an email dan. Can I just say my son who is a massive Stoke fan suffers from joint hypermobility syndrome, this will make his day.
    I’ll see you at the Bobby Moore statue at 1pm matchday I’ve telephoned the Hospitality suite and have confirmed with them as you requested. My God what a top guy you are. I’m in tears mate! My son is only 11 hes ‘ school cant wait for him to come home.
    Thank you so much what a terrific guy you are.

    From The Baines Family of Burslem.

    • Micheal says:

      You Jammy sod.
      Well done Paul have a great day.
      Brokerman respect 2 you.

      Man City Fan.

  4. Kev says:

    Any views on Tomco relist and are they worth a punt