Gulf Keystone Petroleum. Super Giant! Hold Firmly.Do Not Let Go!

This Hubble picture shows the red super giant ...

Super Giant Oil Discovery=Big money!

It’s about time I posted on this old girl and give a reiteration of why GKP are where they currently are. Every Brokerage,Professional Trader and financial institution have GKP on their radar and ALL have positions in GKP. The rise so far is nothing in comparison to their oil discovery’s; GKP have BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of barrels of oil. They are on every Multi-Nationals takeover list. Rumours and whispers regularly “Do the rounds”.

You’ll all recall some time back the Blog informing the Blogosphere that GKP were headed for a main-market listing. (At the time this bold statement was scoffed at by the nutters and haters that stalk internet chat sites) Well Therein lies a pointer as to where GKP stock are headed. The Management  are known to be running a two-track business plan{Takeover.Production} many moons ahead of where most investors look. GKP management are well ahead of the game and streets ahead when it comes to finding oil. The BOD know that it is a question of time before the Super Giant oil discoveries are priced into their stock value. There’s a lot of bombs being detonated in Iraq but there’s none as big as the GKP oil bomb. What we’ve witnessed is nothing compared to true value the stock is wholly under-valued many,many times. When production kicks in or takeover occurs GKP WILL hit {conservatively} some-where between £5 & £10. Check your 12 month charts they are trending up and will continue upwards.

The  reason GKP are NOT trading in excess of £5 is the fact that the oil is in a politically  volatile region Iraq/Kurdistan. Any investor or trader who refutes this fact is a complete idiot and should be put on ignore.

As for the current legal action I would not concern yourselves. It is a Frivolous action and it will be dismissed!

When will the stock take off? Well you only have to look at the usual meaningless jealous mutterings espoused on a regular basis on  FTAlphaville by their online London Editor Nealanderthal and his rusty snide-kick leg-Bryce on GKP, to realise that the City of London will begin to warm on the stock when they list on the main market. AIM stock is sneered at by stuffy City types.

They are a fantastic investment the gains far out-weigh the risk. You have to be bold on occasion and grab a stock by the horns. They have hit 200p they will hit 300p and eventually they will explode upwards, probably hitting £5/10. Yes that’s a Bold statement but it is a self-evident truth. They have BILLIONS of barrels of oil already in place and there will no doubt be more to come. Make NO MISTAKE HERE THEY WILL EXPLODE and hit £5/10. HOLD YOUR STOCK YOUR TIME WILL COME!



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  1. 13thMonkey says:

    Thanks Dan. Not sure about your choice of words though- the idea of GKP “exploding” can be read more than one way! 😉

    Nonetheless- holding, and will continue holding, and thanks for the update.

  2. ABZ says:

    Thanks Dan for your article.
    I am really sorry to say that I am not there yet.
    But I wish good luck to others who are holding this.
    Have you got any update in BMR?

  3. Oil Stock Lover says:

    For me, it’s just a matter of waiting for the Iraqi gov to sign off on the KRG oil contracts that are already in place, which as you say, I can’t see not happening as it’ll have too many implications internationally. What I can see is that some “administrative fee” might need to be paid to move the contracts from the KRG to the Iraqi gov. However, as soon as this is done, am I right in thinking that then frees up the major oilies to then operate in kurdistan, and it’s been this reason why up until now they haven’t invested in kurdistan as it would have banned them from the rest of Iraq. Afterall, if the oil ministry wants to up there bopd produced in the country as they say, they’re going to need the major oilies in kurdistan as well I should think. The great thing about GKP though is that the band of oil for Shaikhan runs along the same line as GKPs licences for their other wells which are in neighbouring plots like Ber Abjil. Certainly myself thinking of increasing my position in GKP in the next 3-6 months. There are only 2 significant short-term downsides here as far as I can tell, 1) the lack of data from the edges of Shaikhan that could bring the expected reserves down, but also send it soaring which should start to be cleared up within 6 months with Shaikhan-2, and my belief that the recently released drill will also be sent to the edge, and 2) the KRG-IG contracts, but as I say, should be a given.

    • Brokerman says:

      Excellent post.


      • Oil Stock Lover says:

        Thanks, but I forgot the legal challenge, but again, not really worried too much about that. If they win there challenge it’s still not going to stop GKP having oil, or the KRG-IG issue. All they get is a small piece of the pie which hopefully will be bigger, so there is still plenty of profit to be made, only slightly less, and thats assuming they win. If they lose, well then, that pie is all mine… sorry, ours 🙂

  4. AJ says:

    You have been correct on many occasions and I’m right with you on this, at any price below 170p this is total bargain basement. By the way I’ve been in GKP since 20p so no complaints here!

    All the best, great blog.

  5. Fatdaz says:

    Yo Dan FTalphaville muppets Neil and Bryce have been rubbishing your gkp article. I think you’ve pee peed them off. They say that the 5 to 10 quid potential is “cobblers”

    • Barnstonpickle says:

      Cobblers hey? Maybe they should just recall the Back-tracking they hastily made after XEL became commercial. They rubbished Dan on that as well then quickly glossed over it. Same as Encore.
      I go on Alphaville was on there today they were slagging David Lenigas this morning. 6 weeks ago they were touting Lenigas favourably. Pair of stuck up nob jockeys.

    • Brokerman says:

      And they would know would they?
      I’ll stick with TK on this one.


  6. Dust Ferret says:

    Was in GKP, but feel there is more upside elsewhere until, politics/legals are sorted. Lots of people think there will be big rises as in the past, but a 50p increase is 350m quid! That aint going to happen until PSCs are legal. Encore has more upside next 3 months.
    I hear news on 2 drill contract for Cladhan is done and dusted, to spud first week of March.

  7. smalltime says:


    Thanks for the interesting article Dan. Just wondering what your, and others, opinion on HOIL is? Share price wise they have recovered from the lows after the dividend was paid, but haven’t got close to previous 52-week high at 585p.

    Miran is estimated to hold, I believe, upwards of 3 billion barrels of oil, HOIL have other projects worldwide and around £700 million in cash (although the Uganda tax issue is not resolved yet).

    I guess I’m just wondering why HOIL is underloved compared to GKP, when the upside is potentially just as high, as I do not think Miran is currently priced into HOIL’s share price.


  8. is ntog a fraud??? says:

    dan would love an update on this stock nostra terra its well over due please save more people money by publishing this terrible stock that should be banned and suspened

    • Brokerman says:

      The Jury is out. Maybe they have been badly advised in the past. The recent news does contain a few crumbs. Our position remains the same stay clear until proven management takes effect.


      • is ntog a fraud??? says:

        what are the crumbs do you think?? .. to me something just doesnt add up?

  9. silver surfer says:

    Apologies for posting this here but I’m guessing that if I post it on an EO post from way back it won’t get read.

    Can anyoe advise as to whether EO is the safest medium-long term profit making stock on the AIM? I know, nothing’s a guarantee but some things can be more of guarantee than others.

    Cheers all,


  10. Dan says:

    Dan please email me and I’ll enlighten you on the security issue ! Kind regards Danny