Solo Oil. Some news on consolidation.

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Oil strike = Consolidation?

It’s been a fantastic few weeks for Solo Investors with the recent news of the results of the petrophysical analysis of the Ausable#5 well in South Western Ontario operated by its Joint Venture partner Reef Resources Limited.Results are showing the presence of 72 metres of net hydrocarbon bearing pay in the main producing intervals.  The tiddler has invested astutely. “In April 2010, the Company agreed commercial terms of a $1,650,000 CAN participating loan agreement to Reef for financing the development of a proven oil and gas production asset in Ontario. Solo receives 60% of net production revenue post tax until loan repayment and 50% net earnings thereafter from the funded developments.”

There should be little doubt that Ausable#5 will go on production as it is in close proximity to the producing Ausable#1 well and the latest company epistle announced today that Reef has indicated  it plans to carry out flow testing on Ausable #5  and that the well is expected to be on production within six weeks.  Reef has also announced its plan to prepare for the drilling of four additional wells in order to advance the development of the long-term Enhanced Oil Recovery and Natural Gas Liquids Program.

With a massive percentage of the shares being held by private investors in various Nominee accounts it looks and feels like that there is going to be a share consolidation. There are over 2 billion shares in issue the news or views from our sources indicate that a consolidation AND a further placement are on the cards! How will this effect the private investor? Well it should be seen as a near term negative but good news for the long-term health of Solo whose  objectives are to “acquire and develop a diverse portfolio of direct and indirect interests in exploration, development and production-oil and gas assets which are based in the Americas, Europe and Africa.”  Never one to miss an opportunity  “David Lenigas” will surely push for further funds on the back of this success. Consolidation will happen here.

Keep your eyes on them they have performed rather well this year.



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  1. B0GiE-uk- says:

    Consolidation = share price up?
    Placement = share price down?

    Maybe i’ll have a small punt after the placement!

    Any new,s or can you put some feelers out on RRL please Dan?

  2. Tom says:

    Have sent you an email Dan 😉

  3. ian says:

    Solo good in the end (a long time!)

    Anything on GBP Global Petroleum BMD?
    News next week as quarterly report due – love to know more on the namibia deal. Strange trades gone through over the last week.

  4. Steve says:


    Every time you cover a share that has in excess of a billion shares you always ‘quote’ city sources talking about consolidation. Quite frankly its tiresome and very transparent. Sound Oil being one such example and this was rubbished by the CEO director. I note you don’t apply the same logic to RRL.

    I agree with you that Solo may use this as a good opportunity to raise funds as its better to have a placement when interest is high, however this is just speculation at this point.

    • Brokerman says:

      Unfortunately Steve this isn’t speculation. I think if you speak to the company you’ll find that a share consolidation is very much on the cards. As it is with sound oil. Solo have 4 billion shares 1.7 billion held in treasury. Having spoken to my sources. One of which is on the Board of Solo I can assure you that a consolidation is on the way.


  5. barnstonpickle says:

    STEVE the post doesn’t refer to “CITY SOURCES” IT states “sources”
    Another attempt from a poster trying to confuse investors.
    Ithink your right daniel solo will consolidate and raise funds.
    I’ll tell you why I know Dans right I spoke to Nick yesterday and he all but agreed on the consolidation point. If he’s telling me a PI over the phone then its going to happen.

  6. Danny says:

    Hi BMD,

    Do you think that this mornings placing (which is pretty small really) is the placing you anticipate. Or do you think that a further placing (inline with the likely concolidation) is still on the cards?

    I have multiple experiences of buying shares, only to see them plummet 3 weeks later when a placing is announced and I dont want that to happen again if I can help it.