Awaiting News! Look Back!

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Pennies to POUNDS!!

Yes there’s an awful lot of investors out there awaiting news on Matra,Cadogan,Caza,Xcite,Gulf keystone,GCM,Victoria oil and Gas,San Leon,Chariot,Encore, etc The list just gets bigger and bigger.

And we here now how frustrating it is!

Lots of emails requesting updates on many companys. It’s a waiting game now.

News should break this week on several of the oil companys mentioned above. The fall in Xcite seems to me to be a case in point. Just hold out they will surely rise from their current yoyo. Eyes on Matra news should be being formulated as we speak!

Most investors tend to look forward and never back from where their investment has come from, Encore are up over 200% since this blog first posted on them as are the majority of the companys. Stick with the fundamentals and you can’t go wrong. Matra are up over 190% from 1.5p yet people are still moaning about the company performance? Look back and realise how far these companys have come to fully understand their potential!Some have risen from pennies to pounds yet investors are still lacking faith. Faith that isn’t blind. They have risen in value due to their assets/oil finds and increasing fundamentals. Stick with it!

Over and Out!



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  1. Terminator Trader says:

    Daniel, what are your thoughts on Watermark Global (WET)? Thanks

  2. Luke says:

    Matra is going to happen tomorrow, not long to wait now 🙂 Pennies to pounds

  3. alex says:

    vog has been a hard slog for sure!! light at the end of the tunnel soon…

  4. Luke says:

    Matra have a history for releasing RNS on a tuesday, the timing is just to0 perfect, Tuesday 1st of March .

  5. Richard says:

    Thank you for the timely words, Dan. Much wrist slitting on the Boards today – frankly, I’ve opted out of the temptation to sell XEL and buy back in further down but rather will take the opportunity for a top up at lower levels. I’m in the black with MTA & SLE and sit around cost on RRL. BHR and RXP owe me a bit but both are ‘tiddlers’ and can sit there until they grow back.

  6. alex says:

    here’s hoping with mta, been here since may last year and waiting for 5.5p lol….

  7. Langyboy says:

    I agree with your sentiment 100% Dan, the day trader mentally does seem to infiltrate the BB’s at times, I for one look at trend and medium to long term returns.

  8. Alfredo says:

    Lets Add to your list
    BMR, GKP, HER, BLVN, AMC, FDI news to move it
    Any others, anybody?

  9. Alain says:

    Don’t forget ANGM, been waiting for almost an eternity for the first gold sale

  10. Alex says:

    Great site and will be sure to follow you going forward. Hoping your right on a little good news for Encore and to take the share price back up to circa £1.50.

  11. Nibor says:

    Many thanks, Dan, for your insightful re-evaluation of NTOG.