Beacon Hill Resources. Tipped in the city

Hamersley Iron 20 class locomotive at 7 Mile Y...

BHR Train gathering speed!

Have been watching BHR for the last few months as 2010 came to an end.

I was going to post on them early Dec 2010. However I got side-tracked with my Russian commitments.

BHR are a potential terrific little miner and are being tipped for great things through-out 2011 not least because RIO Tinto are rumoured to be sniffing around them. This has been gaining credence since Rio Tinto offered $16 per share for Riversdale who also operate in the same region.  (Moatize basin)

The current trend suggests that the market are on their marks re’ BHR who may already be expecting a bid from Rio. The 30% coking coal could be the catalyst here.

But hiving the Rio possibility off for the time being investors need to look no further than BHR’s production capabilities. They are well-funded to increase production, estimated at 2 million tonnes per annum, the infrastructure is already in place and the Moatize basin is one of the last great coal plays still under-developed. Broker targets range from 55p up to 100p over this coming year. Much to high in my opinion. Better to add in to the mix expected rises in price per tonne for thermal coal and coking coal possibly up this year by 33% then you have a POTENTIAL sp rise over the coming weeks and months.

“Prices may increase to between $270 and $300 a metric ton, analysts from Macquarie Group Ltd., Morgan Stanley and Daiwa Capital Markets said. Steelmills agreed to pay $225 a ton for the three months starting Jan. 1, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts said last month.”

They are being widely tipped from many within the city and now could be the last chance before they really take off for serious investors to take a long hard look at BHR! They could hit 35p very shortly if the trend continues upwards any further news or whispers re’ Rio Tinto and they will fly!

Watch-list them!



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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Dan it’s your friend margic here from lse. Beentrying to tell you about bhr for a while and I hope that I was a small part of why you stood up and took notice. Great post on them today an thanks. I’ve been tracking bhr for around 20 months. I hope you research this company. No-one seems to be recognising the potential gas has. It’s huge. As always, big fan and thanks. Hope to see you mention more here soon and look into the Arthur Rivera rio used to once own!

  2. jixie says:

    Thanks Dan !!!!!! im twitting your BHR link too

  3. Barnstonpickle says:

    Nice one Dan.

    Looks like they are now on the radar thanks for the post.
    We’re waiting on news from BHR. Could come any day not one to be out of i reckon they’ll keep pushing up all this week mate.
    Do ya think they could reach 40p by Friday?


  4. Marc says:

    Dan, you’ve mentioned your Russian commitments. Do you have any comment at all on SKR sunkar resources in Kazakstan, great fledgling company loads of potential and good management would be interested on any views on them

  5. RJS says:

    Latest thoughts on Matra Petroleum? A good broker report came out from Matrix a couple of days ago to buy 9-20p. My view is no news is good news as problems with A13 would come out early? Still think this is a great but for the medium term.

  6. Robert says:

    Hi Dan

    Any updates on BMR, Berkeley Mineral Resources? You mentioned them late last year regarding the deal in Zambia.

  7. Doug says:

    BHR looking very good on initial research. Bit hyped right now but maybe it should be. – Wish you posted this last week! – Also thanks to your reader who pointed out PTCM, The more I research the more I think this could be a serious earner… Perhaps not oily enough for Dan though???


  8. Dust Ferret says:

    Dropping like a stone today, sold at 23.5p looking for re-entry sub 21p. Missed 24.5p as I was driving to work!
    Was always going to be a retrace today after yesterdays ramps by hub and bmd.

  9. Andy says:

    NTOG is the share for 2011!!!!!!!

  10. James says:

    Hey BMD, Great call as usual. I have been in this for a year anyhow. Good to see it push past 20p, although i suggest it will move sideways for a while now.

    On another topic, saw a Land Rover Discovery last week with the apt registration

    B M D
    1 T

    Maybe add that to your investment portfolio!

    • James says:

      Also can you do an update on Ntog – maybe due a re rating and move out of the dead dog stocks on the right


  11. javaid iqbal says:

    Dan please help!!! whats going on wth BHR? now down to below 21p!!!
    was ur target of “35p will be hit” and 55p upwards optomistic?

    • Brokerman says:

      Javid stop door watching your stock. A watched door never opens. All AIM stock bounce around.
      Hold. Or if you are having worries then sell. Emotion is a deadly trait when mixed with investing. Re-visit why you invested and draw comfort from it. Self-perpetuating demons begone!