Nighthawk. Good buy?

There has been many requests for information re’ the above.

So i shall try to give you all an honest opinion of where this stock is vis-a-vis the market.

Currently Nighthawk in my opinion based on notes read over the last 3 months are some what undervalued the problems, like all small oilers, relate to company structure, long term planning and credibility.

It is one of perception  and market perception can change in an instant.

The sale of Jolly Ranch should go through when it does then this stock will certainly spike how high it goes depends on the buying pattern, bearing in mind that the whisper here is that there is still 12/13 million or so shares still in stock. Any increase in production or license activity, upcoming drills etc will also benefit the share price. There are targets here varying from 35p right up to 53p, as always, depending on who you read/talk too 

Any PI in here should set realistic targets, 5p/10p/20p are much more likely here than 100p! 

As an investment for gains Nighthawk are a half decent punt with some buy rec’s spattered with a few holds.

Hope this helps


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  1. fpinvestor says:

    Thank you Dan, I’m guessing the 5/10/20 is on top on the current price.

  2. fpinvestor says:

    Nope … fpinvestor(at), not gmail 🙂