Provexis. Update

There seems to be some confusion re’ the DSM stake.

DSM are an investment company and use their own proven stratagem for the benefit of DSM. The recent sale in NO WAY detracts from the viability of their investment in PROVEXIS, it is merely part of a proven trading pattern that DSM employ across the whole gamut of their investments one should not read anything sinster in the small reduction vis-a-vis their Provexis holding.

I can tell you all that after the disgraceful internet share ramp of this company cooler heads in the market are now beginning to watchlist Provexis as it reaches a more realistic SP. Once DSM nutritional begin to gear up fruitflow for European/worldwide distribution then investors here will certainly jump on board. Provexis are now beginning to be seen as a “good future bet”  if/when fruitflow comes to market. Remember that the MARKET is a consistently shifting entity and investors will just as easily jump on ship as jump off!

My opinion is sub 5p well worth a punt.

Hold for 6 months.


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