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  1. stevebuffet says:

    Dan , Institutional or open offer what’s your preference in terms of increasing or decreasing company value? Also what’s your take on the renegotiated contract situation with Etamic’s departure coupled with the election recount as far as GKP ‘s concerned moving forward

    • Brokerman says:

      Well i’m more of a fan of a full blown rights issue that way ALL stock holders have an equal right to discounted stock.
      As for increasing or decreasing value in the short term SP value usually falls back on most rights issues. But you must remember that GKP are sat on a massive oil find that will eventually increase as other levels/prospects are drilled.
      The ongoing political turmoil is par for the course in this region i personally don’t think that in the final analysis it will effect the takeover/production. Lets face it when the money starts to pour in to Iraqi coffers all players in the country will get their slice of the cake. Barring a USA pull out and a civil war it’s only a matter of time before the sp breaks out and climbs up to a true and fair valuation. I really can’t understand why some PI’s panic at every little movement. This company are about to go into orbit some time this year nothing ever goes according to a preconceived format what really matters is the fact that GKP have hit billions of barrels of oil and will hit more. They could easily arrange finance from the banking sector on that basis alone. The board have played a blinder here by keeping their options open and talking to every institution sounding out the way forward which ever comes first takeover or production the sp will be many multiples higher than it is now. It really is going to happen!
      Every one i know has bought stock in this company over the last 6 months and not one of them has sold.