Alpha Growth ‘Rampathon’ Now Under Way!

*I’m re-posting this most excellent article that was published on ShareProphets yesterday: You’ll note that was predicted re the P&D etc Is now in full flow.

Alpha Growth (ALGW) is running on ‘vapours.’  It hasn’t got a pot to piss in. Cash on hand is probably close to £170,000. Its auditor has issued a ‘Material Uncertainty’ as to viability going forward as a going concern. The Company has ‘fessed up that it has no revenue and will need funds. What is not to like? 

Yesterday’s RNS currently being heralded as the next best thing to sliced bread should serve as a warning to those gullible enough to believe that the payment of £1, yes £1, for a defunct paper company is a ‘Game-changer’.

The ‘£1 fish’ is a sprat on the hook to catch a mackerel i.e. YOU! The RNS that trumpets this sham purchase, costs £250 or in other words 250 times the value of the company purchased. 

What we’re seeing here is a deliberate ramping of the share price pre-placing, pre-death spiral and pre-new prospectus. That’s what’s on the Alpha Tarot Cards for those daft enough to gobble down the £1 Fish. 

Alpha cannot raise cash like other POS’s on AIM. Being a Standard listed vehicle it can only flog 20% of its confetti in issue, which is why the ‘cough, cough’ nudge, nudge, wink, winks’ coming from them to the handful of self-declared, High Net Worth ‘Cornerstone Investors’, who then go out on social media and financial BB’s to amplify the nonsense of multi zillion dollar contracts, to create the liquidity for them to trade out as you buy in, should be pushed away with a barge-pole. There’s a placing coming and much more. Read the accounts. Work out the cash burn. It’s not rocket science it’s basic common-sense, sadly lacking in the confused minds of the ‘Howler Monkies’ that inhabit the strange phantasmagorical world that is BB financial chat. 

So, what’s going on within Alpha? I’ll tell you exactly what’s happening. London sources, the balance sheet and the Auditor, indicate that not only is it looking to place but there’s a very real chance that a new prospectus with a placing and a death spiral could land on the heads of those being beguiled. This is a company, that has broke contract confidentiality, contract/s and market rules with whispers of major contracts just over the hill, (contracts that haven’t materialised), not least with the ‘Man from the Pru’ (Prudential). With no cash, no revenue, contract breach/s and a ‘£1 fish acquisition’ are we really to believe they’re going to sign major deals with multi-billion-dollar Global Players in the Longevity Sector? It’s not impossible, people do win the lotto but my opinion is thus: It’s fanciful to say the least. 

Alpha must get its share price up so that it can raise cash at higher levels. That’s exactly what these fookers are doing right now through their online mouthpieces. Since my last exclusive re’ contract breach/s, which can be read HERE. Over the last 2 weeks rampers have been out in-force. The ‘Rampathon’ is in full swing. 

There’s major dilution on the way via one of three options. 1/ Placing, 2/ New Prospectus & Placing, 3/ A convertible (Death Spiral) through one of the high-cost funders (Yorkville etc.) and then a prospectus that will include both that and a placing. Unless someone has already been working on a prospectus in the background.  If the latter is the case, this doesn’t become public until the placing is announced. Now, here’s the thing, a New Prospectus is a costly process, it will cost up to £300,000. Make no mistake here ALL options are being discussed, if not being processed. Of course, they’ll deny it and string it out until the furore dies down. Then it’s ‘Wham, Bam, thank you, Slam’ no doubt the BB hoards will suck up and amplify the denials. As sure as night follows day it’s coming.

Investors/traders should always gauge vehement denials against the balance sheet. Alphas balance sheet tells the truth. It has fook all cash.

This is what Alpha will now do, it will deny it to their P&D amplifiers who will be on the dog & bone pronto, post publication of this article. 

Mr Dennan, Mr Sahney and the ‘Leaker in Chief’ himself, Danny Swick, will be inundated with ‘protect the ramp’emails, text messages, phone calls. Twitter DMs & groups will go into overdrive. Loud screams and howls of derision from the BB loons will be heard all the way to the US. Which brings me on to some of the most ridiculous pumps currently doing the rounds on the ‘£1 Fish’ acquisition. Apparently if you don’t have a ‘£1 Fish’, you can’t do business in the good old USA. A ‘£1 Fish’ opens up the whole of the USA securities sector. Sometimes I honestly wonder how these loons can keep a straight face telling each other such utter, ridiculous calumnies.

It is in Death Spiral, New Prospectus and Placing discussions. The word “Dunkirk” springs to mind. 

If their Auditor issues a material uncertainty, the Company tell you they have no revenue and must raise finance, the balance sheet backs up the above then I’ll leave you with this thought. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck. Go figure… 

Avoid like the plague. 



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  1. SSMokel says:

    “If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck,quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck”

    I like the £1 fish, reference too. Comedy gold Danny, comedy gold.

    Mike S