GKP Update1

As my first update i will try to explain what the general feeling is vis-a-vis this stock.

The stock is on every Major funds radar, every Brokerage, and every Financial Institution in the City of London and beyond have this stock on a 24hr Global news feed. Alerts and positions have been taken within the markets to cover this stock. There are positions ranging from 125p/300p long. Algorithmic trading programmes are mainly responsible for the fluctuations re’ this stock. Not small pi trades although they do bare some responsibility but not as much as Investors think. The general idea of the MM’s is to try to get this stock below the bottom book price then wait for the rise and sell it on; unfortunately for them GKP has been extremely difficult of late particulary every time there is a draw down as this has had an upward effect on the bottom book valuation, (which now stands at 99.60p per share).

At present there is NO embargo on this stock. An RNS could be released at anytime. 

Hold your stock as a rise is inevitable. The longer GKP hold onto the full DGA report the stronger the pressure on the sp. Word will leak out, it will rise.


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