Speculation of an impending Embargo/RNS maybe lodged  beginning to gain  credence among some City Chins. Alerts and positions have been RESET through out the market. I will of course post  if an embargo is lodged .

This was triggered by==

1/Alert (inhouse) 10.27. Stock shortage.

2/Alert 10.29/Trade pattern revision.

3/Alert 10.29/Analysis expected/Iraq feed/*******.

4/Alert 10.30/ Capital gain probabilty HIGH/..


Do not forget that what this is is a snapshot of todays market sentiment and could easily change.Remember that the market is in a constant state of Flux stocks change by the second! 

It is market speculation that this is the start of the next spike  the news from Kurdistan is starting to leak. Pressure re’ the sp is building up as the  trade volume decreases; due to the stock pattern entering a HOLD phase.


News could break at any time.






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