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It's imminently frustrating!

You’ll all recall the Blogs witterings on the old chestnut Matra Petroleums’ next operational update. Yes we know the 10 day time-frame has come and gone and some are once again beginning to question their sanity it’s understandable! I am pulling out all the stops from various sources re’ the companys’ lack of an update.  It is well over-time by several weeks and true to Matras’ past performance of relaying information from Orenburg they always fail to release on time! They do read the Boards and I am reliably informed trawl this Blog. I have spoken to the company and relayed the mounting investor frustration and as per usual good old Matra have maintained the company line. And quite rightly so!

Now I understand that Matra’s Chief Geologist is back in the UK after what I presume must have been a positive trip. He has no plans for a return which would suggest to me that all is well.

I can only reiterate what I personally have gleaned over the last several months. They are about to ROCKET. HOLD!

Matra are on the verge of bringing both wells A12, A13 on production.

The next RNS should confirm that the A12 side-track has been completed. Test production has been rumoured as ongoing and I believe that the news will be a full POSITIVE operational update on the company position.

I have spoken to various Brokerages; whisperings are consistent.

Delek-International Energy have agreed to subscribe for 14,516,129 Placing Shares at 3.10p. DELEK have a man on the board of directors at Matra;

Non-Executive Director
Mr. Gideon Tadmor

Make of it what you will. If  Delek are more than happy to invest a further £450,000 then it should be seen as a pointer as to how their man on the board sees the Matra future!

Every thing is in place. Production Licence,A13 remedied,production plan, A12 side-tracked.

Matra have told the market to expect a 1000 bopd on completion of operations. The recent oil barrel article being a case in point!

I know some are pulling their hair out but hold your stock. The next rns is well over-due and the company know it. The oil is flowing in Orenburg! My opinion based on my Hunter-Gatherer forays!

Hold for the news it’s a pain to have to say it but news is IMMINENT!

This sp is about to fly upwards!



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  1. Dave says:

    I hope you’re right this time dude!!! The spikes these posts of yours cause are bad for the blood pressure 🙂

  2. Lt says:

    Does make you laugh. Perhaps PH should spend less time trawling the BB’s and spend more time writing updates!!!

  3. Luke says:

    I don’t know why people are so impatient; it hasn’t really been long since the last update on 12/13, Those Russian workers are grafting in -20C to double your money give them a break, will come good in its own sweet time.

  4. Joseph says:

    Thanks so much dan can tell that you are as frustrated saying it is we are reading it lol ;-D need it to move soon need profits for xel at these prices !

  5. alex says:

    Give us the magic words in the next rns 1000bpd etc, otherwise I’m going to crack