ALL Membership payments now cancelled! Back to Freemans!

All Membership payments have been cancelled by BMD. There will be no further payments taken from Memberships. All ex paying Members now receive free Life access to the site.

Contrary to what some think the original nominal charges were brought in to assure that we had a way of checking who our Members were. We didn’t want to end up like other sites where fake Memberships are used to abuse, threaten and harass genuine Members. We have now got to a point where we are happy with the Quality and Quantity of our original Membership.

There has been a few choice words in the chat rooms but we can honestly say that we have never had any problems whatsoever with any of our Members. It is to their great credit that we have never had to ban a Private Member. (Excepting 15 City of London Brokerages/Analysts).

The administration of the site should now become much easier. Merchant service compliance procedures/requests had got to a point where we were literally weighted down with official nonsense! This in itself can take days to sort out. It’s not what we want to turn into.

There’s no money in this site. It is run for Private Investors by Private Investors. Some times we get it wrong more often than not we get it right. Hot Tip NTOG.

New Members wishing to join the site will also be free of charge.

Membership of the Brokermandaniel website is now open to all. However registrations post paid Membership carry several caveats for New Members.

1/ Access to the site is limited to 1,000 Members.

2/ One account per Member.

3/ There are currently 174 open Memberships available

4/ Any applicant wishing to register must provide proof of Identity to the site Admin’ and write in why they think they would be an asset to our community. This will be posted for Members to read. (Proof of Identity is for ADMIN only). Any comments can be registered in the comments section.

5/ Original Members can propose and second a candidate for New Membership.

6/ Members can black ball any proposed new candidate wishing to join. The reasons for black ball must be made clear. These will be put to a Founder Member Committee in secret which consists of original 12 month Fully paid Members. The committee’s decision is final.

Once we reach 1000 Members. Then a waiting-list system will be employed.

Viva El



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3 Responses

  1. Paulx54321 says:

    Excellent new Dan – especially in the hard times created by the banks! Well done – Viva.

  2. JohnnyVee says:

    Thank you very much Dan – have a great weekend!
    I am now considering where to invest my saved sub….


  3. Buck Jones says:

    Great news dan and keep up the good work,
    Cheers Buck