GKP Reuters 4th Jan’ 2010. RNS alert!

As promised please click on the link below for a report/analysis on GKP that was published by Reuters on the 4th of Jan this year.

GULFKEYSTONE London stock exchange/Reuters 4th Jan 2010

Don’t bother trying to look up this report over the net as the only way any of you would get it would be to pay for it! On here it’s free.

Up the Revolution.

The embargo has been lifted. Expect that the news time line is now back on for the rest of this year.

One more point RNS pending alert triggered  3.01 pm sunday 10th 2010.


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No Responses

  1. barongboy says:

    look forward and upwards!!

  2. daeyeon says:

    Thanks for the info Dan. Been in GKP since 2008 and look forward to the endgame.

  3. randalf says:

    cheers for that dan

    an interesting read

  4. MrFluffy says:

    Thank you.

  5. Tim says:

    Yeah thanks dan for this report.
    Good read.
    I see that mikey2t1 is at it again slagging you off.
    What a sad old tosser he is.

    Any news on nautical out there dan?


  6. randalf says:

    Hey Dan,

    have you heard anything regards Vatakoula (VGM) or have any info.

    been trading around 1p for an age yet over the past few weeks up to 1.75p



  7. Dannyhoi says:

    Thanks for your update on GKP today the LSE boardmaster & sheep that follow him might not like it.I remember this first day you posted there Dan with excellent info FOR ALL the motorbike man /part time plumber was knocked off his throne he didnt like it did he. Now he still posts stupid sarcastic comments whenever you post. Keep up the good work Dan your If ever you need a bath fitted you know who not to call – Dannyhoi

  8. Stallionman says:


    is it a 72 hr rns alert ?

    • Brokerman says:

      No it’s a pending alert which means that the market are on alert expecting an rns to be lodged. My sources are confirming that there has been contact between The London stock exchange news service and gkp.
      As soon as an rns is lodged i’ll get it through my networks.


  9. windfall says:

    Dan you the man, i have had several run ins with this infamous MikeyT21 charachter, what a loser, he actually believes that he is of some importance, the bloke is dillusional, careful Dam he may start a site of his own you know LOL, anyway, if people are stupid enough to listen to him then it will cost them financially, he loves having a pop at you though Geez, well done for all your posts mate, GL, Windfall

  10. Damien says:

    Hi Dan thanks for the link.

    What are the main points of note in the Reuters Document in your opinion?

  11. miopus says:


    Post on GKP just now re “Aboveandbeyond” apparently, posted by a respected poster.

    “after this new posters last post which i thought was very well put and informative it seems he has been banned from posting , why ? . I found this on his public profile :

    ‘Hi all, just to let you all know as of my last post, iii have stopped my ability to post, were my posts offensive? No, they wasnt, why have they banned me? Tas and his gang will probably be able to tell you, the word short comes to mind. Keep the faith news is not far and its going to good.”

    what the hell is going on with iii ?

    why are people like this being banned and tas the deramper gets to stay?


    • miopus says:

      F.A.O. Dan

      Can only assume it was this post that got him banned, since he only posted approx 4, which related to a post Tas made which iii removed, for inferring that another GKP investor was blind.

      “I think he has a self erase system, just a shame he doesnt use it on himself! ”



  12. modfather says:


    what is the hold up with rns????


    modfather 🙂