XCITE ENERGY. UP! UP! and UP some more!


Dan speaks!

Todays RNS only confirmed what those in the sector already knew. The testing has now been “officially” pronounced.

A snippet from last weeks sector watcher is below;

“A strong result could support the argument for the P10 reserves case of 235 million barrels, which could be worth 600p/share.”

So just how much will XEL be worth on good results well I think at least £4/5

in the initial stage with certainly more to come once production kicks in.

Serious investors  should invest for the right reasons. The recent nonsense over an export hose has cost many good people money. Let that be a salutary lesson DO NOT LISTEN TO CHAT BOARDS! Most on there are day-traders masquerading as investors. Base  your investments on good solid company research with sector coverage and analysis. And when you feel under-pressure from the demons eating away at your soul to sell look at what Institutional investors are doing with their holdings in the stock. XEL II’s have just sat back and held while the retail punters have been led a merry dance out the door finding themselves having to pay yet again to enter the party!

Yes as foretold has become a watch word for the blog. Research your stock/investments and never base an investment on chat site shite.




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  1. Apur32 says:

    Thanks DAN. Great post as always……..

    Keep it up………

  2. khan says:

    No Doubt you are a TOPMAN

  3. dj says:

    Yes, that’s right, Dan, because the chat boards exposed you a few weeks ago when you claimed your sources told you the flow test had already started. You are a charlatan.

    • stevie says:

      Dj, read my response to similar point to yours about 6 days ago on BMR blog I think it was……the summery was Dan was actually right back then…..if you had any connections to the rig crews or knew about how rigs pre test etc then you would know this. I guess you dont tho GLA.

    • Lawerence says:

      No DJ your wrong.
      I spke to my broker and a few others and the company. All knew that the FT had begun roundabout when Dan posted. The problem was the export hose. Oil had been pumped into the Offload tanks and the test had begun the weather turned bad and the pipe bust. Flow test begins well before tankers get the oil mate! Rates can be gauged as the oil is pumped into the tanks.
      You are the charlatan pal. You know this but are trying to undermine a guy’s personal opinion thats proved to be corect more times than soft mick.
      What a sado you are.


      Well done Dan top blog fantastic insight. Ignore pricks like DJ

  4. stevie says:

    What did I tell you mate???? :)) ( comes back for encore bow and exits stage left)

  5. alex says:

    Thanks Dan, held the whole lot through the tree shake, been in since September at 65p and bought more on the way up, last top up at 300p. An early Xmas gift from XEL I hope =)

  6. smalltime says:

    Hi Dan,

    First post on your site but have been following for a while, thanks for the continued information.
    Just wondeirng if you have seen @CockySpencer on Twitter, who is posting ‘rumours’ about XEL. Is he a friend or foe?


  7. Robroy says:

    Congratulations to those who have held. Yes, you should do your own research, but those who fell to the BS on certain bulletin boards…I have no sympathy…just look at how much this company has put on the line! If Xcite had any major doubts about going into production, then they would not risk so much. Also, i happen to know that many individuals from Xcite’s major partners are all heavily invested…..that should tell you the reality..

    Slightly off topic Dan, what do you make of your tip on PCI? It seems they launched a war on any information and all the share price has held up OK, impossible to see if progress is being made or not…. are you still rating them?

    • Brokerman says:

      Good medium term investment.
      They have rather curiously as you rightly say gone into cocoon mode. re’ the drills.
      It’s strange to say the least why a company have decided not to update on each seperate drill.

      Could be they are on the cusp of delivering some thing big.

      • Robroy says:

        Yes exactly. I am wondering what possible benefits they could have to keep things secret and in practice keep the share price down. Its possible things are not going to plan and they are waiting for better news… but the positive thing is that the price has not tanked….I imagine a lot of current investors came in at higher levels and are hence unwilling to make a loss on no news.

        • PCI Investor says:

          No Robby PCI informed us that they wouldn’t be updating us on every seperate drill they’d just crack on and get to the end of the 4 drill program i think that the intention is to update after the full drilling program is completed.
          Looks good and the sp hasn’t tanked but firmed up and steady.

          • Robroy says:

            yeas that was the point!WHY have they decided not to give us ongoing information… I guess you have to wait till February if you have the patience.

  8. khan says:

    OH hi any idea when we`ll get the news of test if we assume every thing is according to the plan ?????

  9. Lt says:

    Dan, what do you think happened to the Matra embargoed RNS?

    • shareman says:

      I think ya reading it wrong Lt.
      An embarg gets called on a stock to halt news being leaked until the comp release offically unto the market.
      Embargo put on by the company until they release news then its lifted

      • Lt says:

        No i don’t think so..RNS releases can be embargoed for release at a certain time depending on circumstances.

  10. Mark Harris says:

    In XEL not as heavy as I would have liked but only started investing a short while ago.
    Off topic, but have you any word on Solomon Gold, some of the results seem a little late and was wondering if you had heard anything.
    Thanks for any insight.

  11. biggzy says:

    Wondering whether entering in again now at this price is wise .

    Unless of course I wait for the actual result and either buy in the morning on a higher rise, or a bigger drop.

  12. Davie says:

    Dan, keep the good work up. And enjoyed your short note on PCI and was wondering what had happened there. If you get a moment cold you post a bit more info on them.


  13. Lt says:

    I am led to believe its an already submitted but delayed RNS.

  14. rbarton says:

    Hi Dan—– What a share Excite has been ! The blog has had a great
    year, you must be very proud of what you ve achieved for the
    blogship !! Any chance of an update on the blog hit stats , i think
    it would make facinating reading ! By the way one of your other
    shares ( BOWLEVEN) is getting very jiggy! Good luck. Rob

    • Brokerman says:

      I will be penning a web site update shortly. I’m trying to arrange free Level 2 data and real time prices but it is nigh impossible to get the London Exchange to waive their fees and license payments. If I provide free Level 2 then it’s approx’ 40k per year, real time data is 25k per year there may be away around it by basing the site in one of the benelux countries but this will only halve the fees and license payments for every account that subscribes. I have budgeted 30k for the site and will supplement payments with the income from advertisements however it is one of the imponderables how much will the ad revenue be? That is the question that is most perplexing.
      I’d really like to offer a site that is genuinely free and helpful and not one that is there to rip small investors off with scandalous L2 and real time prices.


      • webby says:

        I used to work for Interactive till i got a real job.
        Every subscriber they charged includes the L2 license fee/real time data fee which is charged on top of the data license issued by the LSE it’s a double whammy really you pay for the data streams and then if you have subscribers you also have to pay about 6 quid per account per month. You could charge each subscriber the account fee per month about £6 this would help you by off setting your yearly LSE data stream payment with the adsense revenue and amazon etc. III prices are set to increase again. The problems you’ll encounter with free L2 are that your site would be inundated with subscribers. you’ll need a dedicated seperate server to handle the traffic. I do know this Danny III and others won’t be happy if you offer free data! They’d probably try to buy the site. They make a packet from their accounts which are over price and the ad money is in the hundred of thousands of pounds. Timmy boy Huckle is watching you as other sites are.
        Good Luck me old china

      • rbarton says:

        I just wonder if you should be thinking of a private subscription
        service– The blog will generate enough income to sustain itself !
        You will then be able to put in place all the extra bits i know
        you would like to prvide ! anyway just a thought.

      • stu says:

        I’ve got iii l2 and I just subscribed to shareprice l2 (to test) which tbh is crap and I’m going to cancel, for the shareprice site I’d at least want the ads removed if I’m paying that kind of cash. I had a quick look into doing it myself but the LSE fees are just crazy!

  15. Rosalimacat says:

    GCM Dan, somethings a foot, and it’s not 12 inches

  16. Robroy says:

    Today is the start of the next level!
    Congratulations to BMD and all those who use their brains to see the positives of this share. Now its time to continue on the ride.
    Look at all the figures before you sell anywhere below £6 is cheap!

  17. khan says:

    Thanks a million Dan you have done a great job

  18. Ken Rose says:

    Thanks Dan,
    Paid for Christmas 10 times over this morning all thanks to you.

  19. Olivanders says:

    Thanks Dan! Can you give us a break down of the pricing/value we can expect to see with these flow rates?

    • Alex says:

      Good call,
      Also, why the drops?
      is it sell prices being hit?
      I wasnt expecting this……could it be a knock on from people who got their noses burned with DES taking a quick profit?

      • Robroy says:

        This will be above £4 today, just being overtraded now, but Market will settle soon and serious investors will be coming in.
        If there is a takeover, it will be at least £6, but lots more positive news to come, so hold steady.

    • Brokerman says:

      The 2900 flow test is just that a test. The commercial flow rate will exceed 2900 almost certainly.


  20. lee says:

    Hi Dan, I am so in your debt and owe you a thousand thanks, I stay away from the BS on the boards and have good faith in your words despite the haters and slaters. I am now having a very merry xmas and I wish you and your family the same, for that matter all blog suporters merry xmas and xcite newyear. XXX

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