Echo Energy, Shell & other bits of the jig-saw!


A lot of whispers and rumours currently doing the rounds in the city of Mammon (London) regarding Echo Energy (LON: ECHO). There’s no need to go through the history here as those reading this already, or should, know it, other than to say that as of now Echo are the hottest stock on the London Alternative Investment Market (AIM). This was confirmed to me over several days last week and this week as I conducted a whirlwind blitz of all contacts/sources specifically targeting Echo.

The company have refused or prevaricated on my attempts to speak with them. No worries there. These guys do what they do and I do what I do. And that is to get the information good or bad. I tell it as it is. On this one it is yet more good news on the way.

Echo have had a team/s in South America and are set to announce up to three (3) multi Trillion Cubic Feet (TCF) deals.  Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Chile are the most likely countries. Talks have been held with various ministries in those countries. These deals will be announced over the coming days/weeks but not months. The deals are all but done. Once the first asset is announced then there should be a steady stream of news.

I have heard a few rumblings that Andes Energia (LON: AEN) may be in some way involved, however I cannot firm that up so tread carefully. What I do know is that Malcy Graham Wood, who knows and blogs on AEN, has been recruited as an advisor and may even have helped with introductions to various plays. So if I was you I’d harass him for his views. The pie eater won’t talk or correspond with me as I have yet to catch up with him for a tete-a-tete.

Some of the targeted assets are sat right bang on top of a well known prolific gas/hydrocarbon bearing formation known as the Vaca Muerta. All the big major global oil players are involved and targeting South America. Now here’s an interesting tid bit of rumour. In Bolivia it is known by this blog that meetings have taken place with Shell or people who work for Shell, such as the Vice President and Country Chair at Shell, come on down Mr Orlando Vaca…. Not many people know that but they do now. He’s on LinkedIn check him out! Precisely what the tie-up or discussions were focused on isn’t known as it is being very tightly held. But one can infer that it’s either about data/people/asset/s or some form of assistance from Shell either directly or in-directly.

It’s all to play for here, still very early days and a long way to go. I personally ignore the intra-day trading and the usual guff being spouted by those who failed to get in or spot the opportunity. i.e. those who are not making money and seeking to extort payments for their investor shows.

Remember there is risk, just as there is risk crossing the road. However the key here is to track the Institutions who’ve backed the team with circa £35,000,000. Ride their coat-tails. That is the pointer here. But of course you can sell or buy at any time. The choice is yours.




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