Sefton Resources. Zombie scumbag Jim Ellerton returns for flesh.

SERAnother day and another snippet of news comes out via RNS on Sefton Resources (LON: SER).

Post my departing Sefton Resources, Ellerton has surfaced (Which I predicted to the company) once again seeking cash. Some people never learn. LOL!

So now we all know why the CEO and assets haven’t been finalized.

Serial fraudster, liar and company thief, scumbag Jim Ellerton has surfaced once again with yet another frivolous attempt to rape and fleece money from UK share-holders via a Denver court writ. “Claiming unspecified damages  for resignation from the board, the termination of the consulting contract pursuant to which he was providing services and the completion of the transaction with Hawker Energy”

Now let’s take a look at the above. Jim Ellerton was booted from Sefton Resources because he was a perjurer and a fraudster. He was deemed ‘unfit’ to be on the board of an AIM listed company by the UK regulatory authorities and forced to ‘resign’ otherwise Sefton would have been suspended and ultimately delisted.  Has Jim told his solicitor of the above? Almost certainly not. Is Jimbos’ solicitor aware of  how corrupt Mr Ellerton is? Almost certainly not. What we have is a chap who is mentally unbalanced. A serial fraudster who can’t help himself. To keep coming back seeking money via yet another frivolous claim should be seen for what it is. The actions of a desperate, corrupt bankrupt. A man who has no morals whatsoever. It’s laughable. Will Sefton manage to get their lawyers fees reimbursed once it’s been booted? Not a chance in hell. Ellerton is basically a derelict living on hand-outs. He has nothing to lose. A bitter and twisted man clutching at Denver straws.

Remember Ellerton wasn’t employed by Sefton Resources. He was a consultant. Regardless of what you may think here is the full truth.

Ellerton was never employed by Sefton Resources.  C& J Resources were contracted by Sefton Resources to provide an executive director on a consultancy basis. I know this because I have read the full contract. It specifically states that any and all disputes the actual consultant may have MUST go before his employer who is? C& J Resources. Not Sefton. Ergo Ellerton hasn’t got a leg to stand on. Because C&J resources were a hastily incorporated entity set up by Ellerton to avoid paying the Denver court ruling in favour of Gary Dillabaugh. Remember him? The Company Secretary Jimmyliar ripped off for over $1,000,000. So in effect Jimmy has to issue a writ against himself and his estranged wife Carole, against a company he set up to avoid paying a Denver court judgement. Bizzare but true. Which will all come out in the wash.  I will be personally contacting Jimmys’ solicitors who I believe are working on a contingency fee basis.  Better some one brings them up to speed on the truth or the lack of truth which we all know Jim will have ‘forgot’ to mention. LOL!

Ellerton sees Sefton as a success story now and thinks he can extract one last hurrah. It isn’t going to happen. I may not be involved with Sefton on a corporate basis but I am a share-holder. I have today offered the services of Daniel Levi Associates free of charge to Sefton Resources. It’s time the flesh eating corporate zombie that keeps coming back, Jim Ellerton, is put to the sword. The best way to kill a zombie is a (Metaphorical) bullet to the head.

We know Jimbo reads the BB’s. We know he has accounts on ADVFN and on LSE and he’ll no doubt be reading this article. Thanks for the buying opportunity Jim. It’s about the only good thing you’ve ever done for Sefton share-holders LOL!

Move on Sir. Stand down before you are knocked down once again by BrokermanDan!





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