Vialogy. I’m in for a spin!

Read all about it.As a general rule of thumb we here at the world’s most infamous, libellous blog don’t usually cover stocks outside of the oil & gas/mining sectors.

So it should be a surprise to learn that after slating SOFTWARE & COMPUTER SERVICES AIM listed Vialogy (VIY) shares when the “other lot” were in charge we are now or should I say ‘I have now increased my original token holding” and here’s why. The new improved Vialogy came back from restructuring/suspension a far healthier body politick, the tumour that was killing the Company has been excised. There is new life and where’s there’s life there is hope. Especially when Institutions have piled in en-mass because the new ‘cheeky chappies’ in charge have done exactly what they’ve promised to do here, before, a turnaround, making money for share-holders. The company rescuers are Adam Reynolds, David Evans and Stephen Little from Premaitha. A well-respected triumvirate!

Suggest those that are looking for a quick spin. Do their sums.

The recent £6.5 million placing at 0.11p. was FOUR TIMES oversubscribed with a raft of institutions now on board. I never took part in that placing because I was too busy with other matters and no one approached me! But I have bought in at a significantly higher price.

“Vialogy has conditionally acquired the entire issued share capital of Premaitha, which is a molecular diagnostic company. The consideration of £10.5 million is to be satisfied by the issue of 95,454,545 New Ordinary Shares at a price of 11 pence per share. The Company has raised £6.5 million (before expenses) by means of the Placing and intends to raise up to a further £0.7 million by means of the Open Offer. The net proceeds of the Placing and the Open Offer will be used to develop and commercialize the IONA® Test, a non-invasive pre-natal screening test for Down’s Syndrome developed by Premaitha, and for general working capital purposes. The Acquisition, if completed, is of sufficient size to constitute a reverse takeover under the AIM Rules and therefore is subject to the approval of shareholders at a General Meeting to be held at 11.00 a.m. on 3 July 2014 at the offices of Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited, One New Change, London EC4M 9AF”

Premaitha are working on the final development and commercialisation of a non-invasive pre-natal screening test for Down’s syndrome developed by Premaitha. The market for this is very, very large. $4.2 billion. Once the consolidation and proposals go through basically a foregone conclusion Vialogy will have £8,000,000 million in cash.

In order for Adam Reynolds to take his options package at 0.1p or 10p post consolidation Vialogy would have to have been trading at above 0.5p or 50p post consolidation for 30 consecutive days. That speaks volumes to me. If Reynolds believes he can do this then I know that the Board are rolling their sleeves up and getting their hands dirty. Far better to invest in Companies that are known to be actually working for you than working against you! I’m in. Suggest a good starting point HERE for your research.  Watchlist & research.



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