Quindell. A step too far! Our ‘AIM’ is the Truth…

Suspend Sefton Now!I eventually got a reply from the chaps at Aim Regulation regarding my formal complaint on the shocking situation that is ROB Terry and Quindell PLC (LON: QPP)

I know publish that response for all to see. I have no axe to grind. Other than to get to the bottom of exactly what has gone on at QPP and what is still going on at QPP.  A situation that lead to the Company banning Journalists from their AGM. If Terry hadn’t banned Journalists then I wouldn’t be publishing the AIM Regulation response because I wouldn’t have made a formal complaint! Banning the media was a step too far. I now enter the fray officially.

This is the United Kingdom the home of democracy. Journalists, shareholders and all within these islands have a fundamental right to truth, honesty and the highest standards of integrity in public and private corporate life, which is sadly lacking at Quindell. The facts are slowly seeping out of a Company that has all the hallmarks of  “The Innovation Group MKII” Rob Terry should resign immediately.


Dan Levi.


Dear Mr Levi,

Thank you for your e-mail below regarding Quindell plc (the “Company”) and its nominated adviser Cenkos Securities plc.

As you are all too aware, AIM Regulation is the department within London Stock Exchange that is responsible for the regulation of AIM. AIM Regulation investigates all complaints made as regards the conduct of AIM companies and nominated advisers in respect of their compliance with the AIM Rules for Companies (“AIM Rules”) and for Nominated Advisers (“Nomad Rules”). 

As we have indicated in our previous communications we can assure you that where concerns arise in relation to a company or a nominated adviser’s compliance with the AIM Rules or Nomad Rules, AIM Regulation investigates any potential breaches of those rules and takes action where appropriate. However please note that for reasons of confidentiality we are unable to update you on how matters are subsequently dealt with, nor can we provide you with information on the outcome of any work that is undertaken pursuant to your concerns.  You will appreciate that confidentiality is essential in maintaining the integrity of our work.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

Kind regards


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