Denmark. The Shaming of a Nation.

The More & More I see of Man the More I like my Dog!


I’m not a fan of zoos which all too often are little better than animal prisons run for profit. The recent righteous angst against the slaughter of a perfectly healthy juvenile giraffe, Marius, is a case in point of the human condition known as egomania. Humankind knows best. Humankind are destroying the planet.  The butchering live on T.V is yet another symptom of Human egomania. Who the hell thought this a good wheeze? Denmark has been shamed.

The natural world is best left to it’s own devices. It’s called natural selection. A wild animal is a wild animal, regardless of it’s current status, endangered or not, wild animals should remain in the wild. If you want to protect wild animals then do so in the wild. Not in an unnatural state such as a zoo.

Zoos are there for one purpose and one purpose only. Human Entertainment. A zoo is a thriving business. You pays your money to stand and gawp at animals further down the evolutionary ladder. You’re rinsed out of a small fortune on food and beverages, then end up being guided through a novelty shop on the way out for the last cash rinse of the day. Cuddly blood-stained Giraffe for the kids? It’s a business. Fact.

Those that think zoos exist to save endangered species are in denial. (In days gone by these types used to pay to walk around the infamous asylum Bedlam) This is their way of coping with the secret guilt of taking great pleasure from an animal in distress. Ever wondered why an elephant sways from side to side in its enclosed space? Ever wondered why the monkies eat their own excrement? Ever wondered why a tiger paces up and down its cage? Ever wondered why the exotic birds peck their own feathers off? The answer is madness. The animals have gone insane. Fact. It is mans inhumanity to animals that the case of Marius high-lights.

Wild animals should not be taken out of the wild. Leave them in situ then protect them in their natural habitat.

It’s no fun being an emu in Yorkshire! And it’s certainly no fun being a healthy Giraffe waiting to be slaughtered in freezing Copenhagen. Shame on Denmark. Stop interfering with evolution. Leave it to Mother Nature!

Daniel Levi

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