Range Resources & Peter Landau. Threaten Libel Writ! Bring it on Buster!

It looks like my article on 34 Parliament Place, West Perth Australia has pissed Landau off. http://www.guerillainvesting.co.uk/2013/12/02/the-brett-kebble-murder-link-to-34-parliament-place-west-perth-australia/ Why else would Aussie Pete get his paid for legal mouthpieces  Memery Crystal (meth) to send my good self a letter threatening ruinous financial legal action? As an infamous tennis player used to say, “You cannot be serious?”

Of course Landau wasn’t issuing bully boy threats when I wrote flattering articles over the years on the company. But the first negative article and he’s running to the lawyers screaming like a Sheila! Apparently the Aussie objects to my mentioning of his business dealings as convoluted and God forbid if you mention John Stratton or the Killing of Brett Kebble which Aussie Pete describes as an “assisted suicide!” **Yes I want to die because I’m a fraud and the South African police are going to arrest me, please help me commit suicide. Will you jump out of a car in the dead of night and pump 7 bullets into my body?** Spare me the bullshit. Keep that for your NOMAD.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pNmx761HyKU#t=0  Or better still why don’t you contact Mandy Weiner the author of the best seller  “Killing Kebble: An Underworld Exposed”  as the blurb says; “A book that lays  bare a lot more than the mining magnate’s murder and the murky web  between corrupt state officials and crime syndicates in South Africa.  The award-winning EWN journalist also brings a great insight into the  depths of the main protagonists in the murder drama for which no-one will  ever be punished.” I’m sure Mandy will put you straight Pete. Of course I’ll be summonsing Miss Weiner for the defence when you issue your writ.

It really takes the biscuit that the multi millionaire Aussie has turned out to be such a muppet. After all the support the BMD blog has given this company over the years. Threatening libellous financial ruin on a little guys blog because it has articulated a negative opinion on the current Range Resources facts that Peter Landau has had his time and he should resign immediately. Landau has been paid handsomely over the years while rolling the dice too many times. Time to go. I call on Peter Landau to resign. Share -holders are sick to the back teeth of the Range failures and the Landau patter.

He isn’t the first Aussie corporate to seek to silence genuine debate and honest opinion in the United Kingdom. Obviously dire threats of a ruinous financial libel would usually do the trick. But not here on the BMD Blog. This is my domain, you Landau do not hold sway or any power over this website. It is truly independent and it will continue to be so until my last dying breathe. Which begs the question. How many times has Landau run to his legal paid for mouth pieces to threaten libel? Is this par for the course when one questions the big Sheila’s failures? I wonder how many letters before action Landau has issued over the last few years threatening libel? Not to worry folks. We will find out at the forth-coming libel trial when we reach disclosure.

Now don’t forget that when Range issue their libel writ that it is a reportable event. Price sensitive information. Investors don’t like company’s involved in costly David V Goliath legal wrangles.  Two options for Landau. 1/Issue an apology privately or publicly it matters not to me, for a disgraceful ham fisted attempt to threaten myself into silence or 2/Issue your writ and lets get it on.

Here’s another question or two, why would Landau seek to silence  the BMD blog and why does he (wrongly) think that my article on 34 Parliament place was libellous?

Unfortunately for Range Resources, Landau and solicitors Memery Crystal (meth) It is not for them to dictate as to what is libellous and what I write on my website. It is for the English High Courts to decide. You do not dictate to me.

So here’s the point of no return.  Either put up or shut up. Run along to the High Court and issue your writ. And  I promise you this, as I promised the now disgraced Jim Ellerton of Sefton Resources.  It will be vigorously defended to the bitter end in front of a Judge and UK jury with all the press attention I can muster both in the UK and Australia. That process will also involve you personally taking the witness stand to be cross-examined over ALL your convoluted business dealings and business associates.

See you in court.

Daniel Levi

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