Sefton Bonfire of the Vanities/Gun Powder Plot. Garlic Bread?

The wheels of justice turn slow, but as ever and more often than not justice is eventually dispensed. So thus went our fight yesterday at the Royal Courts of Justice. It is now obvious that the High Court Master in charge of the case is well versed and has a full grasp on the issues. The High Court know all about Mr Ellerton and his penchant for cash, pensions, consultancy fees and share options which led to his dismissal. Not too mention the strong Defence and weak Claimant summaries.

Of course I cannot go into detail as all documents and discussions are confidential and sealed by the court. However it is abundantly clear on my part and the respected City of London financial journalist Mr T Winnifrith that come November 5 (Guy Fawkes day and the day both applications will be heard) should our joint applications for security of costs be successful (The indications from the court are that we have a strong case) then any money raised in a placing or EFF drawdown or earned through dwindling Tapia oil revenues will have to be paid into the High Court as security of costs. We are talking approx. $4/500,000 hundred thousand dollars give or take the odd dollar. A lot of money.

This is on top of Seftons’ own legal costs which so far I estimate are fast approaching $200,000 hundred thousand dollars. This in itself will balloon should the rudderless Sefton carry on with their farcical writs. Ellertons’ vanity in thinking that he could silence the truth about his 13 years of lies and frauds by issuing spurious libel writs will end on bonfire night. Sefton Resources could have to commit up to $1,000,000 million dollars in legal expenses.

Remember if you are offered any shares in this company before November 5 2013 then in all probability the cash you are being suckered into giving is to cover mine and Mr T Winnifriths legal costs as well as pay for Sefton’s legal team, which yesterday seemed to have lost their most valuable fee earner. However Pinsent Masons solicitor Helen Skinner represented Sefton. Her performance was as good as the missing in action Barrister which begs the question as to why they pissed money away on Counsel fees? As quick as a flash we were all heading back to Tom’s for some rather fine fayre on the house.

I did manage to have a bite to eat at the Real Man Pizza. I had some garlic bread while my legal exec assistant had some garlic bread with cheese. All of a sudden lots of people such as colourful James began to appear out of nowhere.

Just what Winnifrith puts in the garlic bread had me wondering. It was like being on an acid trip. Not that I’ve ever had an acid trip! My mind began to hear voices “It’s a funny old world”.  “10%” “EGM” “ballot list as the new share-holder champion CEO?” “Gun powder plot”

It certainly is an acid trip down at the Sefton teepee! As the now dismissed & disgraced JimmyLiar found out much to his chagrin. It truly has been a bonfire of his vanities. 0.4 of a penny for your thoughts Jim?



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