My Mum, Sefton & Death Row.

Sign the Government e-petition demanding an investigation into Sefton Resources.

Many thanks for the emails and comments expressing best wishes to myself regarding Mum’s remarkable fight to stay alive.

Several weeks ago Mum collapsed and was diagnosed with stomach cancer, which has now been complicated by large blood clots on her lungs as well as heart problems. (Right ventricle has ceased to function). 3 days ago she was given the last rites for the second time in 12 days. I’m not religious and do not believe in God/Religion however I respect a person’s right to hold religious beliefs that run counter to mine. Besides religion in the right hands can benefit humankind. Just what she can now recall of those dark days through her morphine induced haze will probably never be known.

Suffice it to say that as ever my Mum has, like the Matriarch she is, refused to yield to the darkness of Death. The Levi fighting spirit never gives in. At present she is now sat up (Minus oxygen mask) eating jelly babies! Death being dealt a good old boot up its arse. Dispatched away to come back another day.

Her stint on Ward3 at the Royal Infirmary {Death Row} has come to an end. She now resides in the Acute Medical wing. (Observation/Recovery). The aim is to get her back home where she can peacefully spend her last few weeks/months with her family unencumbered by the constant hiatus of a major hospital.

No doubt that Mum’s time on planet earth is very limited, she will probably not see 2014. Cancer with heart and lung complications will get her in the end. But it is testament to what one person can with a will of steel overcome. To cheat Death for a few months is no mean feat! It was with all this going on that I was?

Blissfully unaware of our twitter account being suspended until Doc Holiday telephoned me a few days ago. I was on route to the hospital with Mum’s veggie soup. Just as I was blissfully unaware that it had been reinstated when Tom Winnifrith called to let me know. I was on route back to the hospital with a fan for Mum’s room. Why was it suspended then reinstated? I really couldn’t give a toss. I emailed twitter they have refused to give the reasons. So it’s now subject to an FOI request.

Sign the Government e-petition demanding an investigation into Sefton Resources.

I have been too busy & unable to post as much on stocks & shares. Although I have kept Members up to date on any developments in the Members only chat rooms. It’s been a tad ad-hoc etc  Apologies to all but family matters have had to come first. These are the reasons why the BMD blog has been quiet.

As for the High Court appearance next week, judging by some of the emails and comments sent in, the more ignorant SER cheerleaders out there are under the impression that this is the start of the trials. Nothing of the sort. It is a CMC jolly before Master Kay. Where Pinsent Masons get to add more Sefton share holder cash to their bill.

The great Sefton libel trials will in all earnest be in the summer of 2014. That’s if there’s a Sefton left to continue. (Death also stalks Sefton) The way Ellerton is consuming cash on dried up stripper wells to perpetuate the lie that is Sefton Resources means that there’s more dilution on the way. Sefton can not survive without constantly telling lies to raise cash through ever more placings/EFF drawdowns.

Some emails on rumours online of an offer to settle the libel. I can tell you that Sefton have made an offer to settle. I have refused it.

It’s a trial for me. I am itching to get Sefton’s Board and lackeys on the stand to expose them for the fraud they are!

Make no mistake. I will win this! The evidence is over- whelming. Sefton are a fraud & Jim Ellerton is a bare-faced liar. Of course Jimmy will not be at court he’s too busy briefing his BBLoons, while stashing the cash in Hawaii trying to hide it from Gary Dillabaughs lawyers!



Daniel Levi

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