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ShareProphets is run by authors who like writing about stocks. There is no Mr Big telling the writers when to write or what to write they just submit content on stocks that they find interesting when they have something to say. The writers are not paid to reach any conclusion but will just give their honest view of whether a share is expensive or cheap.

Keen to maintain high standards an editorial committee will accept applications from new writers only if they can demonstrate ability and integrity and years of market experience. 

Writers can write about shares they own but must declare their holding or trade within 72 hours of publishing a report.

As a data driven site they are not regulated by the FCA but all material is approved by an FCA authorised individual prior to publication in order to ensure that it meets the highest standards of balance and accuracy.

The team of writers includes Zak Mir, Steve Moore, Lucian Miers, Robert Sutherland Smith, Brokerman Dan, Tom Winnifrith, Aubrey Brocklebank, Doc Holliday and Alpesh Patel

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It’s actually an excellent free data & information resource for Private Investors. I write for them but found it so helpful that I’ve also registered an account.


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