Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Ellerton?

Does any one believe a word that comes out of the mouth of Jim  Ellerton?  The proven liar (many times over) is now telling the market that the shocking lies & deceit perpetrated on Dowgate UK Investor clients was a big mistake.

A mistake that allowed Ellerton to sucker in & fleece them of £650,000 pounds.  Funny thing these “mistakes” they always end up making Ellerton money while costing UK Investors their hard-earned cash.

Sefton have after 4 days of conferences, telephone calls, emails, advice, hand wringing and head banging come up with what is a very poor response in an attempt to deflect away from the lies they told and tried to maintain for over a month before being exposed by myself and Tom Winnifrith.

It’s like that story-line from Dallas when Bobby Ewing was brought back from the dead. It was all Pam’s dream. A mistake. 

Todays late RNS will live in infamy. The humiliation is there for all to see.A revised figure of 2,918 barrels of oil was reported to the DOGGR for February 2013, once a production calculation error was realised. The error arose from tank levels being carried over from January spread sheets that were not re-adjusted when the Company’s various tanks were evacuated, cleaned and tested during the DOGGR AB1960 testing program” You would have to be a Bulletin Board Moron to fall for that one.  Yes when evaluating February oil production one always adds in January! PMSL!

Do you believe that myself and Mr Winnifrith are  not entitled to have an honest opinion based on these facts alone that you are a liar and Sefton a fraud? Just as a UK Jury will see, now UK Investors can see, why we have come to our conclusions. Lies & Fraud.

Your history  is one of shocking arrogance, lies and deceit which has been perpetrated on United Kingdom Investors for 12 years. You have tried to confuse and deflect by releasing March production figures, which are lower than February’s yet still maintain production is increasing.  You are in the full glare of the BMD beacon of light there is no escape. Resign immediately and give back the money you have fleeced.

Sefton share-holders should ask themselves this simple question. Why would you add January spread sheet tank levels to February spread sheet oil figures? Laughable. Jimmy goes on to say “We regret the initial over-estimate of production for February, which included non-saleable fluids in error” More bullshit from Sefton. So the January spread sheet figures were for non-saleable fluids? You mean fluids like piss? You’ve added the January non-saleable fluids to the February oil production figures? All 525 barrels of it? Which funnily enough, allowed you to claim pre-placing that production was increasing.

Sefton have been humiliated before the whole of the City of London & beyond. Invest in Sefton? You would have to be deranged.

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Ellerton?

Daniel Levi

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