Sefton Resources Who? What? Why? & When? Emails?

Who? What? Why? & When?

Yes kiddiewinks that’s the questions our Counsel will be asking Mr Daniel Fox Davies whose name has now gone on our ever burgeoning Sefton Resources libel witness list. It appears that Mr Dan from Fox Davies is a man of honour & integrity.  Well done Sir for standing up for Truth & Justice & doing what is right.

Did Mr Dan give notice of his company’s’ intention to resign from Sefton Resources in September 2012? Apparently the relationship had broken down. Did Fox Davies give Sefton 4 weeks notice of their intention to quit in September 2012 due to what can only be described as Sefton corporate malfeasance? Did Fox Davies resign because they believed that Sefton WERE DELIBERATELY MIS-REPRESENTING their position to share-holders regarding the company production? Sefton claims of increasing bopd up to 200 barrels were in effect stinky METHANE (Bullpoo), production was in fact circa 100bopd. This is market abuse. Lots of questions that Mr Dan will be asked.

Was the METHANE intended to stupefy & deceive UK Investors into investing in a capital raising pencilled in for Oct’ 2012? Was there an understanding between the parties to place stock in October 2012 after the Mining maven presentation of Oct 2012? Was this understanding agreed in May/June 2012? How do we know all this why it’s in the emails. Yes you know those emails. Have we seen copies of those emails? Do we have copies of the emails? All will be revealed in the Sefton Libel Trial of the century. When the Sefton2 take up the cudgels and expose Mr Jim for telling big fat whoppers so that he can continue to fleece UK Investors.

I have as a matter of course also contacted the relevant authorities and passed on this information.

Dear Sir/Madam

Further to my official complaint regarding Sefton Resources. I wish to add the following. 
In May 2012 Sefton appointed Fox Davies as joint broker. In June 2012 they further appointed Fox Davies as their Nomad. It has now been brought to my attention through ******* from *************** ****** *** * that emails…………………………………………………………………. That’s quite enough of that!
See you in court Jimmy.
Daniel Levi

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