Sefton Resources BMD Statement.

Today we received a letter from Sefton Resources legal mouth-piece Helen Skinner of Pinsent Masons.

The letter basically threatens legal action regarding what they say are “untrue statements which wrongly damage our clients good reputation”

We have responded immediately. We stand by all the facts that we have published on this site. We will not remove any of our Blog articles as suggested by Pinsent Masons.

They’ve also sent a threatening letter to Tom Winnifrith. Who is one of the most respected City of London financial commentators in the United Kingdom. Big mistake.  You can read his response here

We openly challenge Sefton Resources & their legal team to issue court proceedings.

We will gladly take up the challenge and expose this company in the English courts for what we genuinely believe to be true.  Sefton Resources are a Fraud. Their 12 year record of corporate greed, failure & lies is there for ALL to see.

Daniel Levi

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