Sefton & The “Report of Steam”

Have you seen this man? Do you know of his whereabouts? He was known to be on a quest carrying the “Report of Steam” back to His PayMasters who live in the mountains of Tapia.

For years his coming has been foretold & worshipped by penny dreadful Sefton Resources as the “Steamflood Wizard” the man whose Report has been imminent every 3 months for the last 3 years.

The “Report” has never been seen, although it has been alluded to thousands of times by Sefton’s management & Sefton die-hard supporters since 2008/9. Usually when they are running short of cash. Why only today we had another reference to it.

The whereabouts and ‘imminent’ release of The ‘Report of Steam’ have led many on a false quest for untold riches.  Just like in The Lord of the Rings the ‘Ring of Fire‘ the ‘Report of Steam‘ has magical powers as well as being invisible to the ordinary folk of the Shire it can, if not used wisely, turn naive investors into jabbering wrecks. Insanity & financial ruin befall those who succumb to its fateful allure.

It is said The ‘Report of Steam‘ can magically increase oil production by over 1600% to 1750bopd it can also create $50/$70 million dollars in funding just by a flick of a Wizard’s wrist. Its release or continued “promise of imminent release” also allows Jimbo Ellerton & his troop of Bankrupt Orcs continued access to millions of dollars in Pay, Expenses, Consultation Fees & Pension Pot Payments.

If you see this man or the “Report of Steam” do not approach him or it. The financial consequences are known to be Bankruptcy.  Contact the AIM Regulation Team who are watching with interest.


Dan Wise

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